16 Common Foods That Increase Breast Size Naturally & Fast At Home


Women’s breast is always one of the top attractive secrets of the body. It is a main feminine feature that contributes to the confidence of a woman. Even in the modern time, when the perception about the size of a breast has changed for many people and the small boobs become the trend in many runways as well as high fashioned magazines, many women still undergo surgical breast augmentation to increase the breast size. It can be said that the tiny ones are not favorable for most of the people. Sadly, not every woman can get their expected breast size. The development of this body part is affected by many factors, which makes it difficult to improve without extra support. While plenty of women choose surgical interference, these others pin their faith on natural methods, including foods that increase the breast size. Thus, Beautytalk.com will introduce top foods that increase breast size at home so that you can easily get your expected size without wasting money on surgical method.

16 Common Foods That Increase Breast Size Naturally & Fast

1. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Soy Products

foods that increase breast size

Soy is always the first one that comes to our mind when talking about how to increase breast size. These soy products are proven to possess one type of hormones called “phytoestrogen”. This female hormone can provide the same effect as estrogen, another hormone that is very essential for the breast tissues’ development [1]. Therefore, consuming soy products will help to increase the level of phytoestrogen and improve the breast size in an affordable way without any side effects. The soy-based food that you can add up to your daily diet includes soy nut butter, soy milk, bean curd (tofu), or soybean oil.

2. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Saw Palmetto Berries

Containing fatty acids and phytonutrients contents, saw palmetto is able to increase the breast size effectively by enhancing the development of breast tissues. You can find this substance in the saw palmetto berries and add them to your daily meals in order to increase the breast size. However, you still had better ask for doctor’s advice before applying.

3. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Red Clover

As a generous source of phytoestrogens, red clover will be one of the foods that increase the breast size effectively. More specifically, genistein, one type of phytoestrogens, can attach itself to our oestrogen receptors, which are responsible for controlling the breast development. You can eat the flowers directly and also use the leaves to make salads or tea. However, this herb can sometimes lead to some unexpected side effects that you should concern about such as nausea, muscle ache, headache, and vaginal bleeding.

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4. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Fennel

Well known for plenty of phytoestrogens, including anethole, photoanethole, and dianethole, fennel is very effective in increasing the breast size at home. When you consume an enough amount of phytoestrogens, the level of estrogen in your body will be enhanced, leading to the faster breast development. These seeds of fennel also provide a generous of flavonoids and chemicals that are beneficial for the estrogen level. You can use fennel to pair with chicken, pork, sausage or lamp. Some types of fish, crab, and risottos can also go well with this herb. Just make some changes in your diet as well as your cooking, you can take advantages of fennel for breast development.

5. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Radish

We know that the breast size will increase more quickly and effectively if the blood circulation is leveled up. And radish is able to accelerate the blood flow towards the local tissues around the breast thanks to its potent astringent properties. Therefore, add radish to your daily meals if you want to increase your breast size at home.

6. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Estrogenic Food

In order to increase your breast size, it is important to take in enough amount of estrogen to overweight the level of male hormones, testosterone. This type of hormone can hinder the development of your breast, making it difficult to reach the expected size. Therefore, the estrogenic foot such as chicken head soup, sunflower seeds, legumes, eggs, vegetables, sesame seeds, flax seeds, anise seeds, and fruits can help to increase the level of estrogen and enhance the breast development. Just put these types of food in your daily meals and you can see the improvement.

7. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Seafood

The generous source of manganese contained in the seafood will be the key determinant that can increase the breast size. This element can promote the development of the breast tissue and level up sex hormones. Therefore, you can add some seafood such as shellfish, oysters, mussels, prawns, and even seaweed to your cooking to increase the manganese and thus, gradually get the expected breast size.

8. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Milk

foods that increase breast size

Most of the dairy products, including cow’s milk, are the popular sources of prolactin, progesterone, and naturally occurring estrogen. These reproductive hormones are identical to those contained in our human body. By drinking milk frequently, these hormone found in this product can contribute to the development of breast tissues, leading to an increase in breast size.

9. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Protein- Rich Foods

Protein-rich food will be the next choice for you to increase the breast size. With the high contents of mono-saturated fats, foods including milk, nuts, chicken, lean fish, peanut butter, and eggs can enhance the development of your breast. However, eating too much protein rich foods for a long time can harm your health condition severely. Therefore, it is still important for you to keep a well-balanced diet to protect your health.

10. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Papaya

The nutrients and enzymes are the key answer to the question how papaya, especially the green one, can increase the breast size. These enzymes, as well as vitamin A, can stimulate the production of female hormones estrogen, leading to the breast size development. Although papaya itself cannot alone result in an increase in breast size as expected, this food still is a good supporter of this growth.

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11. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Flax Seeds

Containing several healthy chemicals such as fiber, protein, essential fatty acids, and lignans; flax seeds [2] will be the next option for anyone looking for ways to increase the breast size. Especially, lignans are one type of phytoestrogen, the female hormones that can support the development of breast growth in human. By increasing this hormone, you can achieve your desired breast size more easily. You can simply grind the flax seeds well before eating with plenty of water for a period of time. These seeds are also effective in avoiding breast cancer in human body. Side effects may appear if you apply flax seeds along with other herbs, medications or supplements. Therefore, doctor’s advice is required for your best sake.

12. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Bananas

Banana is another option for the growth of breast size that will be suggested in this article. Magnesium found in banana is able to support the production of female hormones in women. The magnesium deficiency will negatively affect the estrogen balance in a long time. Therefore, it is important for you to consume bananas more frequently to increase the level of magnesium and ensure the hormone balanced inside your body.

13. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Pueraria Mirifica

Rarely found in Northern Thailand, this plant has been proven to enhance the breast development by up to 80%. The phytoestrogens amount contained in Pueraria Mirifica is more than any other herbs. Many women after experiencing Pueraria Mirifica have reported outstanding results in the breast size. This effect is also proven to be permanent!

14. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Wild Yam

Another herb that contains a massive amount of phytoestrogens and used as food is Mexican yam. Besides the female hormones, this yam also contains progesterone, a sex hormone that can interact with estrogen in order to increase the breast size. However, if consumed in an excessive amount, Progesterone can lead to addiction. You can take advantages of this wild yam by making food like regular yam. Alternatively, you can simply take the yam in an extract form for your body care process.

15. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Damiana

Damiana is a rich source of natural nutrients that can help you get bigger breasts effectively at home. As one of its nutrients, phytoestrogens are able to increase the breast size by supporting the female hormones that are essential for breast tissues. Most of the results are witnessed within a few weeks of applying.

16. Foods That Increase Breast Size – Dong Quai

The last but not least food that can increase the breast size is Dong Quai. By modifying hormone levels in women as well as increasing the estrogen levels, Dong Quai, the traditional Chinese herb, can encourage the growth of tissues towards the breast area. This herb can be boiled into tea and will work well for both sexes.

In the modern time, there are plenty of ways for women to get their desired breast size. Many women have chosen the surgical interference due to its convenience and quick result. However, this method is not always permanent and sometimes can lead to many severe side effects. Therefore, foods that increase the breast size become the perfect choice for people who are looking for natural yet still effective ways to get their expected development. In this article, 16 powerful foods have been introduced for you to try at home. If you have any more ideas on foods that increase breast size, please share with us. For more information, please visit the main page Food For Beauty.

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