13 Unexpected Foods That Cause Acne – Stop Eating Before Reading The Article!


If there is a list of things to disappear from our planet, acne will definitely take a place. This skin condition is a nightmare that destroys the teenagehood of many people. They ruin our confidence, turn a lot of teenagers into victims of bullying and make their life miserable. Even when people get older, these conditions still is a concerning trouble. Mostly, people often blame hormone changes due to puberty for the acne yet puberty is not always responsible for that breakout. There are plenty of reasons that can affect your skin condition and lead to the acne appearance, including foods we consume every day. Our intake can affect the skin condition more than we can expect. There are plenty of foods that cause acne being consumed every day due to the lack of awareness. Thus, it is important to get clear about what should not be eaten to stay away from acne. In this article, Beauty Talk will show you some typical foods that cause acne breakout to help you make an effective adjustment to your daily diet.

Top 13 Unexpected Foods That Cause Acne – Stop Eating Right Now!

1. Foods That Cause Acne – Bread

This favorite food of many people is notorious for being problematic to our health in many ways. And it is the gluten contained in bread that acts as the major cause of acne [1]. Not only does this protein result in intestinal damage, gluten also increase the systemic inflammation. In a study published in 2015, the gluten-free diet is proved to be potentially beneficial in treating psoriasis, one of the most popular skin problems [2]. Therefore, in order to stay away from acne and other skin conditions, you should leave the bread out of the daily diet or at least cut down the amount of bread consumption gradually.

2. Foods That Cause Acne – Bagels

Bagels are another one that is believed to provide high level of gluten like bread. Moreover, this food also results in an increase in insulin level, which has been proven to be closely related to the severe acne vulgaris [3]. Therefore, the frequent consumption of this food will lead to the high probability of acne breakout and other skin conditions. This effect may also come from other foods with high gycemic index such as refined grains, pasta, and white flour.

3. Foods That Cause Acne – Chips

Potato chips are one of the most popular junk foods consumed every day in most countries. This food is notorious for getting fried in nasty oils as well as the vitamins and minerals deficiency. Therefore, it is not a big surprise for people to know that chip is one of foods that cause acne. The first reason is the huge amount of carbs these chips contains, which can increase the insulin level quickly and as stated before, finally result in the systemic inflammation. However, it is the industrial seed oils applied to fry these chip that takes the major responsibility. The omega- 6 fats contained in this frying oil are very harmful for our health and create the potential environment for acne to appear [4].

4. Foods That Cause Acne – Chocolate

foods that cause acne

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Another favorite food of many people that cause acne is chocolate. Plenty of studies have been carried out to prove the positive relationship chocolate and acne appearance [5]. It is stated that the sugar and saturated fat found in chocolate will raise the insulin level and inflammation, making the acne condition worse [6]. If you often look for chocolate after a breakup, you should try another food or at least turn into dark kind. Dark chocolate offer more antioxidants and less sugar than the milk chocolate does.

5. Foods That Cause Acne – Milk

Milk will be the next common dairy product that creates a lot of problems. Similar to other dairy products, milk is an insulinogenic food. Once you consume a considerable amount of it, the insulin level will increase, and acne will appear as a consequence. Moreover, milk can bring the second issue to our skin due to its hormone delivery system. It is a common knowledge that hormone issue is closely related to acne [7]. The milk consumption will stimulate the hormone production and affect the skin with the little ugly acne.

6. Foods That Cause Acne – Ice Cream

It is sad news for many people to know that ice cream is also one of foods that cause acne. A study carried out in 2012 has shown that the high glycemic diet, including milk and ice cream can significantly enhances the development of acne and make the condition worse [8].  The reason is also about the sugar level. Ice creams are mostly made from milk, so there is no doubt about the amount of sugar it contains. Try other frozen dessert and cut off the ice cream consumption will help the acne treatment.

7. Foods That Cause Acne – Soda

Soda, another unhealthy food or drink yet a favorite choice of many people in the world, is also able to cause acne due to its substances. This product is a rich source of refined sugar and empty calories, which can cause gain weight as well as blood sugar spike. As a result, your body will produce more insulin and testosterone to respond with the crash and lead to acne breakout [9]. In another hand, a lot of sodas are caffeinated, which raise the risk of acne development. Therefore, for your skin’s sake, choose water instead of soda if you are thirsty and eliminate this food from your daily diet.

8. Foods That Cause Acne – Pizza

Another food that causes acne suggested in this list is pizza. The high amount of carbs and dairy topping found in pizza are the key reasons that create the environment for acne to appear. The cheese on this food is also problematic for our skin by accelerating the breakout. Moreover, pizza is lack of nutrients, making it inappropriate for daily diet. If you are a big fan of pizza, don’t be surprised if acne appear and your skin condition gets worse gradually.

9. Foods That Cause Acne – Caffeine Drinks

foods that cause acne


Caffeine drinks not only cause the acne to appear but also make the breakout condition worse than expected. In particular, caffeine drinks including coffee and alcohol can increase inflammation and stress in the body [10]. The inflammation penetrates deeply into our skin and results in to pus-filled pimples. These acidic foods will also prevent the repairing ability of cells and create opportunities for acne to damage the skin. Limit the caffeine intake if you want to lower the inflammation and protect your skin.

10. Foods That Cause Acne – Shellfish

The next food that should be crossed out from your daily diet if your skin is prone to acne is shellfish. These shellfish including crab, shrimp, lobster, mussel, clams, and crayfish can make your acne flare up. They contain high level of iodine, a trace mineral that is often related to acne breakouts, says Jolene Hart, a certified health coach. It inflames our skin, clog the pores and lead to the development of red splotchy skin. Some other foods that cause acne due to the high iodine level like shellfish are idolized salt, cooked navy beans, fish sticks, skinless baked potatoes, boiled eggs, cheese, milk, and baked turkey breasts.

11. Foods That Cause Acne – Fatty Foods

It is not a new discovery that a diet that is high in partially hydrogenated and saturated fats is harmful for your body, both the health and the skin. Fatty foods are believed to inflame the skin, clog the pores, promote cyst formation and worsen acne symptoms including inflammation, skin redness, and swelling. The list of saturated fat – rich foods includes lamb, pork, butter, cream, beef, veal, and cheeses. And you will also want to limit foods with partially hydrogenated fats such as fried chicken, packaged cookies, chips, fish sticks, and crackers.

12. Foods That Cause Acne – Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are also one of the factors that can cause acne if consumed in an excessive amount. Garlic, peppers, chilies, hot sauces, and onions are all these ingredients that can raise our body’s temperature, inflame the skin and make the acne condition worse. Thus, cut down on these spicy foods if you want to stay away from acne.

13. Foods That Cause Acne – Processed Foods

The last food that should be eliminated from your daily diet due to its effect on acne breakout is processed food. These foods including cookies, frozen fish sticks, deli meats, chips, microwave dinners, and pot pies are full of additives and preservatives. These substances can absorb deeply in your body, obstruct your pores, and raise the risk of acne development.

It takes a lot of time and effort to treat the acne. Some people have to pay a fortune to get these pimples out of their skin and sometimes, this money isn’t even worth. Acne development depends on plenty of factors, some of which are not easy to control. However, you can manage the acne breakout and the condition to a certain extent with a well- arranged diet. There are some typical types of foods that cause acne and harm your skin by increasing insulin level. Therefore, if you can limit these foods intake and change with foods for healthy skin, you can gradually improve your skin condition and get away from the ugly acne. If you have any more ideas, please share with us. For more information, please visit the main page Food For Beauty 

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