Can Garlic Help For Weight Loss? Is It Safe & Does It Work Really?

Updated: 11/20/2019

For most people, their weight problem is always an obsession. It makes them feel unconfident and uncomfortable, especially when communicating and meeting other people. It is the reason why many people pay large amounts of money to have a well-proportioned body. Today, we will show you several simple but effective ways to help you deal with this issue by using garlic. Continue reading this article on Beautytalk to explore more about the benefits of garlic and ways to use garlic for weight loss.

I. The Reason Why We Need Apply Garlic For Weight Loss

Maybe all you know about the amazing benefits of garlic for health, such as boosting metabolism, preventing & treating several common inflections, or improving cardiovascular health. But, have you heard of the effect of garlic on losing weight? A study showed that garlic, along with regular exercise and proper diet, can actually be an effective way to lose some unwanted pounds[1]. You are wondering how the garlic works to boost the weight-loss efforts, right? We have the answer for you right now!

As can be seen, garlic contains allicin, a compound to stimulate fat metabolism in your body[2]. Especially, it may restrict the fat cell’s formation, in this way limiting fat storage. Allicin found in garlic might also help to lower insulin levels,[3] and cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure[4] [5]. Besides, garlic has an effect on promoting the satiety (fullness) hormone that controls your appetite and your energy. In particular, it limits binge eating (known as a symptom of disordered eating which contains “episodes of uncontrollable eating”) and sugar cravings. Garlic has numerous amazing health benefits that you might not know. Not only does garlic have antimicrobial properties[6], but it also aids in dissolving clots of blood[7], known as a cause of heart stroke. In addition, it is full of vitamins, amino acids, and micro-minerals, such as zinc and magnesium.

Although garlic may be helpful to lose some unwanted pounds, you still need to go on a proper diet and exercise regularly to reap any of these benefits. Remember that it is essential to combine all these things if you want to possess body fitness.

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II. 6 Best Ways To Use Garlic For Weight Loss

There are many ways of using garlic to lose weight. Here are several popular ones you can apply to improve your weight regimen.

1. Eating Raw Garlic Cloves

This is considered as the easiest way to use garlic for weight loss. All you have to do is to eat some raw garlic cloves in the morning when your stomach is empty. It will help to increase your metabolism and detoxify your body.  It is very simple, but the results you can get is surprising. Caution: you may smell garlicy.

Additionally, you can use garlic for cooking many dishes, which brings about more delicious taste. For example, it is ideal for you to crush a few garlic cloves and mix it with salad vinaigrette, soups, sauces, etc.

2. Garlic And Ginger 

Ginger is effective in getting rid of some unwanted kilos, especially combined with garlic. According to a study, ginger might help you to get a calorie deficit because it may bring you a feeling of fullness; by this way, you will eat less[8]. This is bound to lead to a vital weight loss. It is undoubted that mixing garlic and ginger is regarded as a good way to boost your weight loss process. So, maybe you are wondering how to make this combination to achieve the best result, right?


  • Firstly, cut 4 cloves of garlic into very small pieces and grate 4 ginger chunks
  • Then, add about 500 ml of boiling water into garlic and ginger
  • Wait for 20 minutes, after that strain and enjoy this drink
3. Garlic And Lemon

As you can know, garlic combined with lemon may actually be helpful in reducing weight. In fact, Polyphenols found in lemon is beneficial to lose weight[9]. What’s more, lemon also contains potassium that enhances digestion thanks to improving the metabolism process. Therefore, blending garlic and lemon together for using is one of the most effective methods to release your overweight worry.


  • At first, smash some garlic cloves and keep them aside for about 10 minutes
  • Choose one fresh lemon and prepare a glass of warm water
  • Extract the lemon juice, then put it into the glass containing warm water
  • Now, chew the garlic that has been smashed, and follow it up with the drink of lemon juice and warm water
  • Continue this regime until you are satisfied with your body


  • You have to consume this when your stomach is empty and for the next one hour, remember not to eat anything
  • It is advisable to do some yoga or freehand exercises at this time
4. Garlic And Milk 

As mentioned above, garlic may decrease unhealthy fats in your body, enhance metabolism, promote calorie burning, and reduce bad cholesterol. So, it is like a miraculous food that aids in losing weight loss. However, garlic smell may be unpleasant for many people, and it seems to be challenging for them to eat it raw. Thus, this is a wonderful way to neutralize the smell and taste of garlic. By this way, you can enjoy it more easily.

Recipe 1:

  • Take 5 cloves of garlic and 1 cup of hot low-fat milk
  • Then, steep these garlic cloves in that cup of hot milk for about 20 minutes
  • Finally, eat raw cloves of garlic with the milk
  • Repeat this regime for 2 weeks if you want to see the obvious change in your weight


  • After your dinner (about 30 minutes), start to use this regime

Recipe 2:

  • Squash 3 cloves of garlic, then put it into a cup of milk and stir well
  • After that, boil this combination until its quantity decreases to half
  • At last, let it cool and enjoy this drink
5. Garlic Tea 

Actually, garlic tea is a wonderful supplement to aid you in losing weight gradually. It helps to dissolve unhealthy or excess fats in your body. Besides, one of the most popular benefits of garlic tea is to speed up metabolism. It even may lessen inflammation, a cause of storing fat. Therefore, it is advisable for you to drink garlic tea every morning to get the best result.

“Garlic may promote weight management by acting as an appetite suppressant and may enhance metabolism. Another bonus is that it helps to lower control cholesterol and contains antioxidants and antibiotics such as phytocide and allicin.” If you want to know other teas to burn fat, read 15 Best Fat-Melting Teas For Weight Loss. This article was medically reviewed/fact checked by Rachelle Caves RDN, CNSC, CPT.

How to make garlic tea for weight loss?


  • Prepare a cup of boiled water and 2-3 garlic cloves
  • Squash garlic and put it into the cup containing boiled water
  • Stir in for 10 minutes
  • Then strain it and leave it cool
  • You also add a teaspoon of honey and 2 ones of lemon juice to this drink to bring a better result
  • Drink it regularly; you must be surprised about your weight

III. Precautions Of Using Garlic

Garlic may help you to lose weight, but you need to be careful with some side effects[10]. In fact, when added to your body, garlic may boost bleeding and reduce blood sugar. Furthermore, it is believed to be the cause of gastrointestinal problems for some people with sulphur sensitivities. Thus, it is very important that you should ask the doctor whether you can use it regularly or not, especially for losing weight.

People on blood thinners, asthma patients, and pregnant women should avoid using garlic or consult the doctor about eating garlic for weight loss. In addition, if you have had surgery, you should not eat garlic because it may prolong bleeding.

During the time you use garlic as a method for weight loss, if you suffer symptoms such as heartburn, upset stomach, flatulence or lower blood pressure, stop taking it immediately.

Above are the amazing benefits and recipes of garlic for weight loss. If you want to learn more other great ways to boost the weight loss process, please visit our Foods For Beauty page. Do not forget to leave your comments in the form below to show us your thoughts.

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