11 Benefits Of Honey With Lemon On Health, Hair, And Skin

In your opinion, what are the most useful and flexible natural ingredients? When asked this question, many people come up with two names including honey and lemon first. Perhaps, this is because these ingredients are very common and familiar with most of them. In fact, it cannot be denied that honey and lemon are among the best kitchen staples, which are fairly beneficial for the human in many aspects such as health care, skin care, and hair care. Today Beauty Talk shows you neither a new treatment nor special one. It covers almost all key benefits of honey with lemon on health, hair, and skin.

Top 11 Benefits Of Honey With Lemon On Health, Hair, And Skin

Have you ever tried mixing honey together with lemon to address some common problems you may face in your daily life? Actually, many people when having some simple troubles relating to health, hair, or skin often think about drugs, beauty products in the market even expensive treatments instead of looking for a natural way to treat them. In many cases, you should consider to using honey and lemon. Regardless of whether you know or not to know about them, you should not ignore this article.

I. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon On Health

1. Good For Digestion


One of the benefits of honey with lemon on health is that they aid the digestive system. Actually, in a case of eating too much grease food or eating in the late night, you will have some troubles with the digestion. Maybe, after waking up, you feel uncomfortable with your stomach. At that time, a cup of warm water with honey and lemon will be a great solution. It is effective to start your new day.

Let Beauty Talk give you more explanation. In fact, a scientific investigation has found that honey-lemon-water has the same atomic composition with saliva. As a result, this drink helps to boost your digestion. Thanks to the nutrients contained in honey and lemon, the bile manufacturing process by the liver will be promoted remarkably. Moreover, the warm lemon juice has a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, which are very beneficial for the contraction of intestines. Another typical advantage of honey-lemon-water that you should aware of is that it largely contributes to promoting the toxins eliminating process.

In general, honey and lemon can help to reduce symptoms of indigestion as well as strengthen the digestive system.

2. Good For Immune System


The immune system plays an important role in keeping our health. Thus, it is necessary for you to pay attention to its functions. If you do not know how to make it stronger, you should try a cup of honey-lemon-water every morning. The topic “Top 11 benefits of honey with lemon on health, hair, and skin” will give you more information.

As you know, lemons which are extremely rich in vitamin C have been used for treating colds for a long time. Furthermore, saponins contained in lemons are very famous for their antimicrobial properties, which take a stronger action to prevent you from common colds as well as flu. Hence, in the cold season, you are advised to take a drink from honey and lemon juice. Besides, lemons themselves have the capacity of promoting your body to absorb more iron that plays an essential role in the immune function.

It seems that the benefit to the immune system is thanks to lemons more than honey. However, it does not mean that honey has no effect on this aspect. Actually, amazing bacterial killing properties were found in honey, especially in raw and organic honey. When combined with lemon juice, they will support each other to attain stronger effects. Well, it will be a big pity if we skip the last feature of honey and lemon. Their antioxidant properties can protect cells from free radical damage, which is the main reason for many serious diseases.

3. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon – Diuretic And Detoxifying Effects


Of all the benefits of honey with lemon on health, many people appreciate the diuretic and detoxification effects. This drink is beneficial not only for your digestion but also for diuretic as well as detoxification. Lemon juice with honey has the capacity of cleansing your urinary tract by eliminating the unwanted materials out of your body thanks to causing an increase in the flow of urine. Lemons contain a high amount of citric acid, which maximizes the function of enzyme contributing to motivating the liver to produce bile as well as supporting the detoxifying process. Regarding the urinary tract, women often suffer from urinary tract infection, which can be well managed by honey and lemon water. Hence, they are supposed to consider adding this drink to their diet.

4. Great For Weight Loss


Of all the benefits of honey with lemon on health, maybe, many women appreciate this one most. Not surprisingly, honey together with lemon is well known for its effect on weight loss. It cannot be denied that this drink is among safe, natural, and effective treatments for weight loss that is easy to carry out and attain the goal.

Now is the time to solve the question why honey and lemon can help us lose weight. In fact, both lemon and honey itself has the weight loss effect, as a result, they are often used to burn your belly fat as well as reduce your weight. On the one hand, lemons contain a high concentration of pectin fiber and they are pretty low in calories, thereby helping to fight the cravings or curb your appetite. On the other hand, honey is also an indispensable ingredient for weight loss. You are recommended not to think that honey has sweet taste then it contains the high level of sugar. Actually, the sweetness of honey is a type of natural sugar, which is necessary for your body. It acts as a healthful source of calories. Furthermore, honey can be an alternative to sugar in many cases (attention: not all), thus, it might ward off the cravings of any sweet beverage. In total, honey combined with lemon will support each other to help to lose weight naturally.

As you can see, almost all women want a nice body without belly fat. If you are looking for a safe and easy method to keep your body building, a cup of honey-lemon-water should be a great suggestion. Up to know, have you thought that effect on weight loss is one of the most amazing benefits of honey with lemon on health?

Using honey with lemon helps to lose weight effectively, so try it out!


Wow, after discovering the top benefits of honey with lemon on health, do you want to make your own honey-lemon-water? This time, Beauty Talk would like to introduce you the easiest way to make this healthy drink. You will need to prepare something before the start.


  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 glass of warm water
  • Note (the amount depends on your appetite)


  • Squeeze lemon to get their raw juice
  • Mix raw lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water
  • Stir it and enjoy in the morning for the best result

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II. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon On Hair

1. Treat Dandruff


Dandruff is always an obsession of almost all people, which makes them feel uncomfortable and unconfident when communicating with other. Even though there are a lot of products treating dandruff in the market, many people still have the good habit of using honey and lemon to wash their hair. It is very natural and effective treatment for you to clear away dandruff.

Today, Beauty Talk through the article about benefits of honey with lemon on hair would like to explain some reasons why honey and lemon can treat dandruff effectively. As you know, this common hair problem partly results from the dead scalp; therefore, if you want to treat dandruff, you should know how to reduce the dead scalp. Firstly, lemons are proved to be great for dandruff treating owing to the anti-fungal property, which takes a stronger action to fight against dandruff. Next, the high concentration of vitamin C, as well as citric acid, in lemons will contribute to clearing dandruff away. Moreover, lemons have the capacity of removing the stickiness as well as balancing the pH level on the scalp. When combined with honey, both lemon and honey acts as a powerful moisturizer for your scalp, thereby reducing the dead skin cells, the main cause of dandruff. Also, honey largely contributes to treating dandruff owing to its own antibacterial & anti-inflammatory effects.

As a result, if you are having troubles with dandruff, you are supposed to consider the following recipe to make a good treatment for your own. To have a better result, you will need the assistant from curd


  • Lemon: 1-2 tablespoons
  • Raw honey: 1 teaspoon
  • Curd: 1/2 cup


  • Mix all the prepared ingredients in a small bowl
  • Apply on your scalp and maintain in 30-40 minutes
  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo

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2. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon – Prevent Hair Loss


Along with dandruff, the hair loss is one of the common hair problems that we often face with. Preventing hair loss is also one of the key ideas included in the benefits of honey with lemon on hair. Actually, not many people know that honey combined with lemon can have the preventive impact on hair loss.

Initially, you should have an overlook at what causes hair loss. According to experts, there are two main reasons for this problem including microbial activity and the dry scalp. As explained above, lemons have the antimicrobial property; as a result, they have the capacity of solving the first cause. For the second one, the dry scalp will be effectively treated by honey due to its moisturizing property. Besides, both lemon and honey is beneficial for hair growth as well as strengthen your hair.

In conclusion, honey together with lemon is among the best treatments for hair loss. We highly recommend you to try this remedy if you are facing this problem. You can take the recipe below as a reference.


  • Honey: 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
  • Note: keep the ratio 1:1 if you want to use more honey or lemon juice


  • Mix them together
  • Apply on your scalp, especially hair roots and gently massage
  • Rinse off your hair

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3. Take Care Of Damaged Hair


Last but not least, when talking about benefits of honey with lemon on hair, we cannot skip this one, which is taking care of damaged hair. In fact, thanks to various nutrients that can be easily absorbed into the scalp in honey and lemon, your hair might be recovered from the damage. It is good news for those girls who love dyeing their hair or let hair expose to chemicals. Hence, you may not be afraid a lot of damaged hair after making your new hair styles. You are advised to take the treatment with lemon and honey to recover your hair. It is fairly easy, thus, we believe you could apply it well.

Now is the time for you to get the recipe for another cap for the damaged hair. This hair mask needs the support from olive oil.


  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Olive oil


  • Mix honey and lemon juice
  • Add a small amount of olive oil
  • Apply the mixture on your hair in 30 minutes
  • Rinse off your hair

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III. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon On Skin

1. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon – Lightening Skin Tone


As can be seen, honey and lemon are two types of indispensable ingredients for not only health care, hair care but also skin care. Actually, due to its popularity and efficiency, honey and lemon are often chosen to combine with many other natural ingredients to take good care of the skin. However, among them, Beauty Talk highly recommends you to combine themselves together because they can effectively support each other.

Now, let’s discover how honey and lemon can do for your skin. In fact, many studies have proved that both honey and lemon has positive impacts on skin lightening, thereby combining them together can strengthen those ones. On the one hand, lemons contain the high level of citric acid, which is a natural lightening component. Also, vitamin C in lemons can promote new skin cells to grow. In general, they can help you regenerate your lightening skin. Nevertheless, since it takes you some time to work well, you need to be patient enough to see the result. On the other hand, honey is a great moisturizer, which is necessary for your skin. This is because the dry skin is one of the main causes leading to the dark skin. If you can maintain your skin’s moisture, it will be a good base to lighten the skin up.

We are talking about the benefits of honey with lemon on health, hair, and skin, generally, in skin care, particularly. Now is the time for you to add another simple recipe to your own beauty care handbook.


  • Prepare ingredients: lemon juice and raw honey
  • Mix an equal amount of honey and lemon juice together in a small bowl
  • Directly apply on your targeted skin areas
  • Maintain in 20 minutes
  • Rinse off with cold water
  • Do this 3-4 times per week

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2. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon – Acne Treatment


The article about benefits of honey with lemon on skin also provides you one more advantage of this mixture. Instead of using some chemical beauty products in the market, you can try another natural acne treatment with honey and lemon.

Perhaps, many people have not understood why the mixture of honey and lemon juice can get rid of acne. This article will bring you the explanation. As you know, these common skin problems are mainly caused by bacteria. Fortunately, both honey and lemon have the antibacterial property, which is a powerful tool to resist acne and pimples. In addition, the high acidity of this mixture, especially from lemon, is a big obstacle to discourage bacteria from growing.

It is necessary to deeply understand the nature. Firstly, let’s see how lemon itself can help to get rid of acne. The typical feature of lemon is its acidity whose origin is ascorbic acid as well as citric acid. As said before, this property can kill bacteria and prevent them from growing. Besides, a high concentration of vitamin C, P, phytoncides have the cleansing and bacteria reproduction suppressing function. Wow, until now, it cannot be denied that lemons are useful for skin care not only lightening it but also treating acne. Regarding honey and its own benefits, we also focus on the acidity of this ingredient. Actually, many people think that honey is sweet then it cannot contain acids. Scientists said that the acidity of honey partly contributes to preventing acne by the same way as lemons. Honey has the capacity of absorbing water in your wound, at the same time; it produces a strong antiseptic named hydrogen peroxide, which enables to kill bacteria. Furthermore, thanks to its stickiness together with absorption ability, honey also clears the dirt and deep cleans your skin, thereby bringing you a healthy skin. All those reasons that we have covered confirm the fact that honey and lemon is a great treatment to get rid of acne. However, please note that you are advised to utilize raw honey or organic honey to attain the highest result instead of honey sold in the supermarkets because it is often experienced preparing process, thus, it has partly lost its antimicrobial quality. Generally speaking, there are a lot of benefits of honey with lemon on health, hair, and skin that people should aware of.

Perhaps, many people are wondering how to use these kitchen staples to treat acne. In fact, it is totally the same as using honey and lemon for lightening the skin tone. But if you want to try another method with them, Beauty Talk will offer you two following interesting recipes.

Way 1: For dry skin


  • Lemon
  • Raw honey
  • Sour cream


  • Mix them in a bowl
  • Apply on your targeted skin areas
  • Rinse off your skin

Way 2: Acne treatment & skin softening


  • Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
  • Raw honey: 2 tablespoons
  • Milk : 3 tablespoons
  • Note: maintain the proportion if you want to make a larger amount of mixture


  • Mix them together
  • Apply on your face
  • Wash your face with warm water
  • Repeat the process 4-5 times to see the result
3. Benefits Of Honey With Lemon – Tanning Curing


Continuing the topic “benefits of honey with lemon on health, hair, and skin”, we would like to remind you of the tanning curing effect of this mixture. In this summer, you are supposed to apply it to protect your skin from tanning.

It is nothing much to say. In addition to the skin lightening effect, acne treating, benefits of honey with lemon also contributes to curing tanning skin. If you are looking for a simple way to stop your nightmare about tanning, this is not a bad solution. Experts said that something acidic helps you remove sunburn. As you know, lemon, particularly, and its combination with honey, generally, typically has the acidity, hence, it is a great treatment for sunburn. Moreover, if your skin is tanned, it is necessary to maintain the moisture. In terms of this aspect, honey is among the best ingredients, which act as good moisturizers. Generally speaking, if we need something acidic, something moisture, it is worth to considering the flexible combination of honey and lemon juice.

What an amazing mixture! It can work well in many aspects. Nevertheless, you also add some other ingredients to have a better effect. Here is one of the great recipes.


  • Lemon juice
  • Raw honey
  • Almond oil
  • Milk powder


  • Mix all ingredients
  • Apply the mixture to targeted skin areas
  • Rinse off with fresh water

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We have covered some key benefits of honey with lemon on health, hair, and skin. Although there are not all the benefits listed in the article, we believe that with those benefits of honey with lemon, it is worth for you to applying this natural remedy for beauty and health care. Hopefully, you can make good use of this mixture to get a healthy body, healthy hair, and healthy skin. If you want to investigate more, please visit our page at Foods for beauty. If you have any questions after reading this article, you are highly appreciated to leave your comments below.





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