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We want to provide you with the appropriate, safe, and affordable beauty solutions that use natural ingredients to deal with your beauty issues right at home.

Your appearance affects not only your jobs, but also your precious daily life. BT understands that, so, it become an open forum and the most trusted place for us to freely exchange or share our beauty secrets with everyone to help them look more beautiful in almost aspects.

Plus, to help you save time, money, effort, and be safe on dealing with beauty related issues such as skin, hair, nail, or face related issues, BeautyTalk will be here when you need us to give you the best solutions, tips, and tricks for those problems. All of the information and solutions that we provide you reviewed by trusted experts, doctors, professionals, herbalists, etc.


Dr. Veerula


Vindhya L Veerula MD grew up in Fort Wayne, IN. She attended Canterbury High School, and left to Ohio to pursue an accelerated BS/MD course. She graduated from Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) in 2012, and returned back to Indiana for residency. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency in 2012, and recently completed her Dermatology Residency at Indiana University in 2016. She is an energetic, proactive and compassionate medical practitioner, with a strong background in overall wellness. Her practice will focus around integrative approaches to improve skin care, utilizing both evidence-based Western approaches she learned in residency, while simultaneously drawing upon eastern techniques to fully help heal her patients. She also advocates a plant-based lifestyle, and is excited to share her knowledge and passion with her patients, while empowering them to live more fulfilling, proactive lives.

She stays grounded and energized through her wellness routine, which includes daily yoga and meditation practice, sharing time with her Aussie mix, Isosceles, and with her family and friends. She loves to inspire and be inspired on a daily basis, and looks forward to learning and sharing with her patients and colleagues. You can follow her skin care tips @drvskin on facebook & Instagram, and at drvskin.com



Marry Cao – She is a doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine, and acupuncturist. Her mom is an herbalist. So, when Marry Cao was a child, her mom taught her about in-depth knowledge related to herbs, plants, flowers, etc. and their benefits. She has a great deal of knowledge of natural remedies for a variety of health and beauty issues. Her interests include holistic and functional medicine, women’s health, preventative medicine, health care reform, and beauty issues. She likes writing and educating everybody on important health and beauty matters. She also helps the individuals around her get rid of some common illnesses and conditions with simple-but-effective at home remedies. Natural treatments work well for various ailments associated health and beauty, and can often be less expensive and more effective than going to the clinics.


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