29 Tips on How to Prevent Gray Hair Naturally & Effectively

Seeing that many individuals are day by day trying to reduce the growth of gray hair in order to retain the youth look, Beauty Talk would reveal to you the list of activities, which are geared to help you answer the question of how to prevent gray hair naturally and effectively. Hopefully, with these shares, you can apply them on your hair efficiently to let your hair maintain lively, youthful and strong all the time without being faded to gray hair at all.

29 Tips on How To Prevent Gray Hair Naturally & Effectively

Almost everyone assumes that gray hair is just for the elderly, which means that gray hair just appears when you get old. But it is not always right, you can totally get the gray hair even when you are still young. This may be caused by many reasons like, for example, the aging, stress, smoking, malnutrition, hypothyroidism, lack of vitamin… But no matter what reason is, it’s certain that you will never want to keep it because it makes you look older, weaker and less attractive.

First of all, let’s start with the change in your daily diet. As you may know, inside factor plays the main role in maintaining your hair color, so take care of your diet if you want to be gorgeous with your hair. Below is the list of nutritious sources, which are highly recommended for you to absorb in hopes of keeping your hair origin. Keep it up!

1. Walnut

Walnut is a popular kind of cereal, which attracts most people of its taste as well as its effect on health. People usually use walnut as an indispensable part of the daily diet because of its specific advantages. Inside the walnut, you can find out the high level of copper while copper is a necessary element for your hair. Therefore, the gradual use of walnut will help to provide enough copper to nurture your hair and prevent the gray hair from spreading effectively. Then you will find out the answer to the question of how to prevent gray hair effectively.

Using walnut will bring to you the younger look, certainly as it will boost the provision of copper, followed by the production of melanin which is responsible for the hair pigment. Therefore, you should really consume walnut for glowing and youthful hair.

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2. Blueberries

How to prevent gray hair

You may not know that one of the main reasons leading to your gray hair situation is the lack of essential vitamin and minerals. So to answer the question of how to prevent gray hair fast and effectively, the solution is so simple – supplement immediately with source rich in vitamin and minerals. There is one source able to help you with this mission that is blueberries.

Your hair will easily turn gray if your hair suffers from the loss of vitamin B-complex, iodine, zinc, copper, and, B-12.  Losing such elements means that your hair will have no chance to get enough production of melanin pigment. To deal with this, you just need to consume some blueberries as it is comprised of all that your hair is lacking and on a regular basis, it will quickly complement your hair with an essential vitamin as mentioned above to keep your hair always in energetic status without being opposed to the white.

3. Oyster

How to prevent gray hair

Oyster is another kind of seafood, which is suggested for you to maintain hair color.

As you may know, to answer for the question how to prevent gray hair naturally, you should guarantee your hair is provided with enough iron and zinc. Besides, it also needs the provision of enough protein so that your hair damage can be repaired and the growth of new hair can be boosted. And one of the beneficial sources which can provide you with such level of protein is an oyster. Oyster will help to supply your hair with enough minerals and protein to maintain its status and color all the time. On notice you should take is that you should eat organic protein to prevent the growth of cortisol, which is considered the rivalry of collagen – an essential booster for your hair.

4. Prawn

How to prevent gray hair

Several people are still stuck with how to prevent gray hair and now, with the existence of prawn, it seems that your problem has been solved. Standing before red fresh prawn which has been caught from the ocean, you must immediately be appealed to it and must not refrain from consuming all of them. Just do it if you want to keep your hair color because prawn is a rich source of zinc while zinc plays a very important role in maintaining your original hair.  Zinc can keep your hair in strong health as well as prevent the gray hair effectively. Included in prawn is not just zinc but the high content of omega-3 which is not only good for your heart health but also beneficial for your hair having a symptom to turn gray. Therefore, you should really consider eating prawn with the relative amount to make sure your hair is never easy to be faded.

5. Tuna Fish

Once again, you are introduced to a kind of seafood to help you deal with how to prevent gray hair fast and effectively. Actually, seafood contains so many beneficial nutrients that are especially helpful for your hair health and color. Tuna fish is a kind of source like that as it is packed with a high content of omega-3 fatty acid and the protein which are really essential for hair health. Especially with protein from tuna, you can make sure that your hair will never be opposed to gray status easily. So if you want your hair in good condition, you should really consume tuna fish as this will provide your hair with effective protective cover from gray hair.

6. Salmon Fish

Salmon fish is another kind of seafood that you must take if you want to find the solution for how to prevent gray hair effectively. Like tuna fish, it is also enriched with the tremendous level of omega-3 which is an extremely important part to determine the hair’s health and color. In addition, it is also packed with vitamin like vitamin B-complex, protein, and, minerals beneficial for hair, so it is suggestible that you should eat salmon on a regular basis to prevent the gray hair effectively.

The best routine for you is eating salmon twice a week for the gorgeous and lively hair.

7. Beef Liver

How to prevent gray hair

Beef liver is a rich source of zinc and copper, which are proved to leave positive impact on your hair, preventing your hair whitening in general. Eating beef liver on a suitable schedule will bring to your hair enough essential minerals to prevent the development of gray hair.  You all know that gray hair is scared of zinc and copper, so coming to the beef liver is one of the best ways to struggle against the gray hair efficiently.

However, before absorbing beef liver, you should also take notice that it is just used for those who are not suffering from high cholesterol or heart diseases. If you are not, take some beef liver and experience the gorgeous hair now.

8. Green Leaf Vegetable

Someone is still finding the answer for how to prevent gray hair effectively. Then the answer is so simple: green leaf vegetable. It can be said that vegetable is always available to us, then we just need to choose among them the kind of green leaf to absorb to attain the hair with strong health and original color. By eating green leaf vegetable, you can prevent the loss of folic acid, which is the main cause of gray hair growth.  You should know that the folic acid can produce protein and boost the hair cell growth, so eating such folic acid-rich source like green leaf vegetable will help you attain it easily.

And besides green leaf vegetable, some kinds of dark-green leafy vegetable like lettuce, beets, spinach, broccoli are also proved to provide your hair with the high amount of folic acid.  You can also absorb these sources in order to keep original hair all the time.

9. Mushroom 

Mushroom is a great flavor in your daily meal and can be made into many dishes. Additionally, it can be considered an effective remedy to get gorgeous hair, as the benefit it brings to your hair is undeniable. So if you want to know how to prevent gray hair naturally, you should find out reishi mushroom, a kind of mushroom stemming from China which is believed to contain enough beneficial herbs to keep your hair from being discolored excellently. This kind of mushroom has been used from traditional time in China as an effective hair treatment thanks to its great number of antioxidant properties. So many people have consumed this kind of mushroom, if you also want to be away from gray hair, it is necessary that you should absorb reishi mushroom today.

10. Chicken 

Chicken is a super nutritious source that everyone in the world would love to take. It can be made of thousands of dishes and is so popularized like that is because it contains so many nourishing properties helping to improve people’s health thoroughly. But not many people get the truth that chicken can also be used to prevent your gray hair.

You should be aware that the lack of vitamin B12 is one of the main reasons leading to your hair dryness and weakness and gray hair. So absorb some chicken or poultry, in general, today to keep your hair color in original color for a long time.

The lack of vitamin B12, B6, folic acid is seemingly caused by some stress. So stay away from stress and take on some chicken to recall such vitamin to your hair and prevent it from being gray effectively.

11. Sunflower Seeds

How to prevent gray hair

Sunflower seeds are considered an interesting kind of snack and though there is still no evidence to prove that consuming sunflower seeds can deal with how to prevent gray hair, it is still widely used by so many individuals around the world.

People just simply look at the great properties and nutrients it contains and realizes that it can supplement what your hair is lost to turn gray, then they consume it. Actually, sunflower seed is a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin B-6, zinc and iron, which are essential elements for your hair. So it is enough to decide to take some sunflower seeds to enjoy for strong hair condition in the future.

Secondly, how to prevent gray hair, you just need to refer these following natural herbs or home remedies, then you will not need to worry about the side effect as when you put chemical hair products on your hair.

12. Take Use Of Egg

The egg is a wonderful source for hair. It not only takes effect on dry, broken, split…hair to turn it silkier, soft and thick but also contributes to the reduction of gray hair growth. Because included in the egg is a high number of antioxidant properties like zeaxanthin and lutein, massaging your hair gradually with egg will help to prevent the early process of your gray hair productively.

You can cover your hair overnight with egg to let the nutrition generate to your scalp thoroughly. Then in the next morning, just wake up and wash the egg off. You will notice that just after sometimes applying this method, your hair will be stronger, thicker and especially be away from gray hair apparently.

13. Apply Coconut Oil 

You can use coconut oil solely to prevent the growth of gray hair because coconut oil naturally possesses so many nutritious properties for your hair. If you are wondering about how to prevent gray hair effectively, it is suggested that you should apply coconut oil on your hair now. Then you will see how perfect your hair is.

Coconut oil, in fact, is considered a great source to reverse your gray hair because it is packed with the high content of minerals, carbohydrate, and, vitamins. All of such elements are really beneficial in reducing the gray hair effect.  So it will be great if you can apply this kind of oil on your hair regularly to deal with prematurely gray hair thoroughly.

You can massage your hair with coconut oil or with lemon juice and leave it for overnight. Wash it off in the next morning. This will make your hair color looks brighter than ever before.

14. Combine Amla And Coconut Oil

How to prevent gray hair

How to prevent gray hair seems to be hard question to answer to some extents, but it is possible if you consider the combination of amla and coconut oil.

Amla, so-called gooseberry is an Indian herb that has been used traditionally as a treatment for premature gray hair. It is not just used unintentionally but based on the fact that amla is a rich source of components which can restore your hair pigmentation. Especially, it can deal with your possibility to get gray hair within 15 days. You can totally do that when combining amla with coconut oil, which is also a very nutritious source to nourish your hair and prevent it from being faded. With this recipe, you just need to boil some of these ingredients until it turns black, then use this solution to massage your hair gently. You will immediately see the positive result.

In addition, amla can also be mixed with eucalyptus oil to make the paste protect your hair. You just need to remember that you should put only 1 spoon eucalyptus oil into some soaked pieces of amla and keep this mixture overnight to get the desired paste for your hair. In the next morning, use this paste with some egg and lemon juice to apply to your hair. Just after several times using this method, your hair will stay with the same color all the time.

15. Make Hair Mask From Fenugreek & Amla for Preventing Gray Hair 

How to prevent gray hair

Once again, amla is mentioned here and with this recipe, it will be mixed with fenugreek, a common flavor in every kitchen.

In this natural remedy, if amla is considered an indispensable part of ancient Indian hair treatment with the aid of vitamin C, anti-aging compounds, antioxidant properties and anti-graying agents, then fenugreek is widely known for its iron, and lysine potassium, which plays an important role in preventing the premature graying hair. Besides, if you can use this kind of mask, your hair can stay away from hair loss or dandruff.

So to keep strong hair with no hair fall and discoloration, you should follow the recipe from amla and fenugreek right now.

  • You will need to prepare some pieces of dried amla, 1 tablespoon of fenugreek and ½ cup of coconut oil.
  • You will need smooth ground fenugreek first.
  • Then heat up the coconut oil, add the amla into it after that
  • Finally, you will put the fenugreek into the above solution
  • Continue to boil this mixture for a few minutes more
  • Let it cool down and remove from flame
  • Now, you just need to massage your hair and scalp gently with this kind of solution to see the bright hair look then.

16. Mix Coconut Oil And Curry Leaves

How to prevent gray hair

Coconut oil, as mentioned above is a great solution for your hair damage and it can restore your hair strength completely by opening your hair cuticles making it look smoother and brighter. In dealing with how to prevent gray hair naturally, there comes the presence of curry leaves, a famous Indian herb which has been used widely as an effective remedy for hair problem. With curry leaves, your hair can be generated with so much vitamin B. This kind of vitamin is responsible for stimulating the function of pigment on hair follicles. In addition, curry leaves are also enriched with beta-carotene, so if you can use this kind of herb, your hair will certainly grow fast and the gray situation will be limited optimally.

Both coconut and curry leaves are magical, but it will even be more magical if you combine both of these herbs in one recipe to put on hair. It will apparently have really profound effect on your preventing the gray hair development.

To get the desired hair mask, you should boil 1 cup of coconut oil and a handful of curry leaves for around 10 minutes or until the solution gets black. Cool, it down and remove all the flame in it. Then keep it in a container, and massage your hair with this new oil 3-4 times per week. It will be best if you apply it before going to bed and wash it off in the next morning.

17. Make Hair Pack From Buttermilk & Curry Leaves for Preventing Gray Hair 

How to prevent gray hair

To treat hair problem, such ingredients rich with a fatty acid is highly recommended to you. You may be referred to buttermilk as a potent source to keep your hair always in good condition. Buttermilk is well known for its probiotics, which can boost the digestive function. But not at all, it can even do more than that.

It is also enriched with lactic acid and it can act as a natural hair conditioner. So your hair will never drop in the dehydrated situation with the utilization of buttermilk as besides providing enough condition for your hair, it can also smoothen your hair and make it soft, silky and gorgeous. Especially, when being combined with curry leaves, this will make the best method to help you deal with how to prevent gray hair productively.

Following this method, your hair will soon return to its original color

  • First, prepare a handful of curry leaves and ¼ cup of buttermilk
  • Then you smash the curry leaves to get the paste
  • You mix it with such amount of buttermilk above and stir it well
  • Apply this paste on your hair by evenly spread it on hair and scalp for 30 minutes
  • You will need to rinse the mask off your head with mild shampoo.
  • After several times using this method, you will see how bright and shiny your hair looks.

18. Make Hair Mask From Almond Oil And Lemon Juice 

To struggle with premature gray hair, you should consider the combination of almond oil and lemon juice. This is seen as a great natural remedy to mitigate the process of gray hair growth.

In more detail, in the almond oil, you can find out vitamin E and other kinds of minerals which can take powerful effect on your hair. If you can apply this oil on hair, it will nourish your hair from the root, boost the blood circulation in your scalp and slower down the process of hair graying.  On the other hand, in the lemon juice, people can see a high amount of phosphorus and vitamin B, C which can provide the nourishment from your hair root, at the same time, bring to your hair strands a bright look and smooth sense.

So if you want to prevent the growth of gray hair, follow the remedy from lemon juice and almond oil below

  • You should prepare 2 tablespoons of almond oil and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice first.
  • Then you just need to put both of these ingredients in a bowl and mix it gently
  • Apply this solution on your hair and scalp and leave it there for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it off with mild shampoo and finish.

19. Mix Lemon Juice And Onion

You may not know that onion has been used for years in treating some normal hair problems like split hair or hair loss. Especially when you face with gray hair situation, onion can also help you to prevent the process of hair graying efficiently. The gray hair happens when there is the deterioration of antioxidant catalase and the disorder of hydrogen peroxide; this is evidenced by the scientific research. Fortunately, with onion, it can help to stimulate the catalase level, so your color of hair strands will be restored fast. It is really suggestible for you to adopt onion to prevent the gray hair situation. And of course, don’t forget to put a rich source of vitamin C like lemon in combination with onion to make the best solution for hair.

  • To prevent gray hair, you need to prepare 3 teaspoons of onion juice and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.
  • Then, you just need to mix both of these ingredients together in a bowl
  • Take this solution to massage on your hair evenly for about 30 minutes and after done, rinse if off with the mild shampoo.
  • It is great if you apply this method 4-5 times per week.

20. Apply Henna

How to prevent gray hair

If you want to know how to prevent gray hair, henna is also one of the best herbs to help you prevent the hair graying perfectly. Included in this herb is the high content of nutrients which can nourish your hair scalp well as well as help to boost the hair pigmentation effectively. You can mix henna with many kinds of substances which are all beneficial for hair.

You can mix 2 spoons of henna powder with 1 spoon fenugreek paste, 3 spoons coffee, 2 spoons basil leaves paste, 3 spoons mint juice and 1 spoon of plain yogurt. Then apply this paste on your hair to prevent the spread of gray hair thoroughly.

In another recipe, you can also mix henna with coconut oil to get a natural hair look. Both of them are proved to be beneficial for hair when coconut oil keeps your hair smooth and strong, henna maintains your natural hair color. So you should consider this method if you want to get rid of gray hair soon.

Combining soaked henna with walnut pulp is also an ideal way to get away with gray hair, so you can try it. This mixture will not only eliminate irritated gray hair but also give your hair the shiny look and soft touch to your hair strands.

21. Take Use Of Black Tea

Black tea is not just used to drink and refresh your body but also a wonderful source to strengthen your hair as well as prevent the gray hair process effectively. People usually hear about black tea as a great treatment for cancer and improvement for cardiovascular health. But more than that, you can totally take the beneficial effect from black tea to put on your hair to keep it always in youthful status.

In fact, black tea is packed with caffeine and antioxidants, which are really important parts in boosting the hair health along with maintaining its color. Actually, it can consolidate the dark color on your hair and even put more shine to it making your hair look naturally shiny.

To get natural and shiny hair look with black tea, you should follow the recipe below:

  • Prepare about 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of black tea powder first
  • You will need to boil both of these ingredients with water in about 2-3 minutes
  • Remove it from flame after that and cool it down, then strain it
  • Use this liquid to wash your hair and do not rinse it with other kinds of shampoo
  • Then reapply this method 2-3 times per week to get the best result.

22. How to Prevent Gray Hair Effectively by Mixing Sage & Rosemary

How to prevent gray hair

If you don’t know how to prevent gray hair, then you should refer this remedy – the mixture of sage and rosemary as this is going to give you a magic in turning your gray hair into permanent hair color.

For a long time, rosemary has been known as a super herb for hair and skin treatment, especially for skin. People take use of rosemary because it contains the beneficial properties which can help to promote the strong hair and reduce the hair weakness. It can also be used to examine the hair damage then repair it effectively. Besides, if you use rosemary for hair, it will certainly improve your hair pigmentation, thereby reducing the hair graying fast and efficiently. That’s what you seemingly hope for and rosemary can help you to attain such goal. Use it and rosemary can also mitigate the itchy scalp and dandruff thoroughly. So perfect! And when being combined with such cellulite-fighting element like sage, this combination will become a super powerful remedy to help you prevent hair graying efficiently.

  • Now, prepare ½ cup of rosemary and ½ cup of sage
  • Put both of them in 2 cups of water and heat it up
  • Boil this mixture for 30 minutes and leave it there for 2 hours for its cooling down
  • Then, apply this kind of solution on your hair and let it dry totally
  • After done, you rinse it off with herbal shampoo
  • Reapply this method 2-3 times per week to maintain your hair color thoroughly.

23. Take Some Ribbed Gourd For Hair

How to prevent gray hair

Ribbed gourd or ridge gourd is a popular kind of vegetable which is mostly found in the Indian kitchen. That’s because it is a really nutritious source to be put in any dishes. But besides an integral part in every meal, ribbed gourd is also a potent ingredient in the natural treatment for hair graying. Inside the ribbed gourd, there are enzymes, which can act as a booster to stimulate the pigment melanin of your hair root, thereby preventing the gray hair from spreading over your head. One more special function of the ribbed gourd is to provide your hair root with nutrients, so your hair can stay in smooth, soft and strong situation all the time. It is really good if you can take some ribbed gourd to put on hair to prevent the gray hair.

  • Now, let’s prepare 1 cup of ribbed gourd pieces and 1 cup of coconut oil
  • Cut the gourd vegetable into small pieces and dry them under the hot sun
  • Then, you put them in coconut oil for 3 days
  • After 3 days, take them out and boil both of these ingredients for about 6 minutes
  • Strain the oil from that and keep it in a clean container.
  • Now, take this kind of oil to massage on your hair 3-4 times per week to see the hair turn into a shiny look.

24. Take On Amaranth Juice Pack

How to prevent gray hair

As you may know, the health benefits of amaranth areundeniable as they have positive impact on your digestive system as well as your whole body. Included in this green leafy vegetable are several kinds of minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates, which can improve your overall health profoundly. But more than that, it is also considered an effective hair greying treatment. It may sound strange but it is the truth. Amaranth contains enzyme which can boost the strength of melanin, thereby reducing the hair greying and restoring your natural hair color effectively. One more special thing from amaranth you should know is that it can also be used to deal with hair loss and stimulate the hair growth well.

So how to prevent gray hair effectively, the answer is here with amaranth

  • You should prepare 2 cups of fresh amaranth leaves
  • You soak these leaves in water and squeeze it to get its extract
  • Wash your hair with mild shampoo and let it dry first
  • Then apply the amaranth extract on your hair and massage your hair and scalp gently for 5 minutes, then leave it there for 30 minutes
  • Rinse it with water after such speculated time and then you will see the better result on your hair.

25. Cleanse Hair With Shikakai

How to prevent gray hair

Shikakai or scientifically called “Acacia concinna” has been used for a long time as a hair treatment thanks to the amazing nutrients beneficial for hair growth and hair weakness reduction. But the truth is that people can totally come to shikakai to reduce the effect of gray hair. In other word, you can use shikakai to prevent the hair greying effectively.

The shikakai is a rich source of vitamin C, so you can keep the piece in mind that it will keep your hair root strong and boost your hair hydration. The vitamin C in shikakai can prevent the dryness on your hair so that you can avoid the itchy scalp and dandruff thoroughly.  Certainly, it will also contribute to the prevention of your gray hair as in this kind of herb, there exists property which can boost your hair pigmentation bringing back to your hair the original good look. So you can totally take use of shikakai to get the answer for how to prevent gray hair thoroughly.

  • Now, let’s take 4-5 shikakai pods and ½ cup of sour curd
  • You put the shikakai pods in a processor to get its powder
  • Stir the curd and the put the shikakai powder in it and continue to mix it gently
  • Apply this kind of pack on your hair and leave it there for 20 minutes
  • You will use fresh water to rinse the mask off.
  • After several times, you will see your hair turns into good condition perfectly.

Thirdly, you should make a change to your lifestyle as sometimes such bad habit or activities can promote the spread of your white hair, so it is essential that you should follow these reminds below in order to maintain a healthy life, thus your hair can be protected from the attack of gray color.

26. Get Enough Vitamins

Mentioned above are several kinds of sources, which can provide your hair with enough vitamins, so you can consider them. Actually, this is one of the key factors to help you deal with how to prevent gray hair effectively. The vitamin plays integral parts in everyday routine, including the maintenance of your hair color. So remember to supplement your body with enough vitamins, especially B12 and don’t forget to take enough zinc with some kinds of beef, chicken, fish…as mentioned above. By doing so, your hair will be away from the gray situation as you want.

27. Stop Smoking

So many people are attracted to smoking because of the high feeling that it brings to your soul after taking some cigarettes. But there is a shocking reveal that can make you change your mind which is smoking too much can boost the growth of gray hair even before you turn into 30 years old. So if you want to know how to prevent gray hair efficiently, it is essential that you should quit smoking right now.

Seem difficult to quit smoking? Take a look at the truth that it can cause your hair to become dull and brittle, your teeth become yellow, and your skin looks shuttle. If you continue with smoking habit, stop it right now to prevent the gray hair from spreading now.

28. Stay Away From Stress

Stress is what people can easily get in life and it is so hard to predict when it will come and how to deal with it. Unluckily, being in stress is one of the main causes leading to your gray hair growth. So now, to prevent it, just stop to thinking too much and anxious about life, job, family or any other issues. Everything has its own solution, so just keep relaxed and find the way to deal with your stress.

Sometimes, it is so simple to get how to prevent gray hair thoroughly. It is about reducing stress. Generally, there are many natural ways to help you de-stress. You can take a therapist, do yoga or take mediation to soothe your mind and soul. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. The stress will disappear. And the more time you feel relaxed, the less chance your hair may turn into gray. Remember to stay away stress if you can to stay away gray hair all the time.

29. Keep Your Hair Natural 

Such simple action can help you deal with how to prevent gray hair. This means that you can style your hair as you want, you can put some natural herbs or products on your hair,… but it should be in the proper timetable. Or in other words, you should not abuse too much styling or chemical products on your hair, just keep it fall down natural, massage your scalp gently to keep it in natural condition. Remember that nature is the best, so you should just keep your hair in natural color, status to prevent the gray hair from attacking you thoroughly. One more thing, to keep it bright and healthy, you should also try some natural ways like covering hair with natural herbs, oil,…with no side effect, then your hair will be away from gray hair all the time.

Above are all those things that should be practiced if you want to keep your hair always in original color without being discolored easily. You should practice such activities following the appropriate timetable so that it can be sure that your hair will maintain its color for a long time and bring to your appearance an attractive look.  You also should keep in mind that nothing is better than nurturing from inside your body if you want to get youthful hair. Never adopt unhealthy diet, especially for your hair; it is the secret to keeping your hair always in good condition. Once again, if you want to know how to prevent gray hair naturally and effectively, you just need to consider these above 29 tips.

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