11 Best Tips On How To Prevent Split Ends & Breakage After Haircut


“Your hair is 90% of your selfie” so keeping an eye on the hair is one of the prior things that we focus on. Many people want to catch the trend so they always alter the hairstyle regardless of how damaged the hair is. As a consequence, split ends become a common aspect that many girls are worrying. Today, Beauty Talk will give you the important recommendations on how to prevent split ends & breakage after haircut to help you bring back the natural silky hair. Keep reading this article to follow and share with your friends these easy tips.

11 Best Tips On How To Prevent Split Ends & Breakage After Haircut

I. How To Prevent Split Ends – What Are Split Ends?

Split ends happen in the condition in which the scarf-skin is devastated, making the hair more vulnerable. Gradually the strand of hair separates into two branches or more than that. The more branches are, the more damaged your hair is. According to the statics, there are more than 16 types of split ends, dividing into 3 main categories:

  • The physical damage: Basic split, Double y split, Feather split, Incomplete split, etc.
  • The chemical damage: Tapered end and Tattered split
  • The combination: Crinkled split, Offshoot split and Thickened end

II. How To Prevent Split Ends – What Cause Split Ends?

what cause split ends

There are many reasons leading to split ends, but these reasons below are the most obvious:

  • Washing hair: It is a way to get rid of all the dirt and the bacteria in the hair but if we do not do it suitably, the scalp will be damaged and more vulnerable. Moreover, the over-washing can cause the loss of the natural oil, making the unbalanced oil and the dryness in your scalp.
  • Heat: The heat coming from the heat tools like hair dryer, the curling iron, the flat iron, etc., has a negative impact on the hair. It prevents the hair from absorbing water, which causes the lack of moisture. If you abuse the heat tools, your hair will be fuzzier and split ends will become serious. Therefore, you should limit the time using the heat tools and only use them in the special occasions.
  • Chemicals: In order to catch the trend, girls have to expose to many chemicals products to change their hair. The chemicals can weaken the hair, deprive the hair of the nutrients such as vitamin A, B, iron, etc., cause the hair loss and prevent your hair from growing and receive the nutrients.
  • UV lights: It affects not only the skin, causing the skin cancer but also the hair. The radiological properties presenting in UV lights do harm directly to the hair. UVB radiation will cause the hair loss and UVA radiation will change the color of your hair. Moreover, UV lights can take away the moisture and the natural sheen of the hair, which makes your hair dry, brittle and vulnerable.
  • Trim the hair: Hardly do some girls go to the hair salon as they want to keep their hair long forever but it is one of the main reasons leading to split ends. The tips of the hair are the area that receives the lest energy so it can be easily damaged. Therefore, when you cut your hair often, the hair can absorb more nutrients, become silkier and grow faster.

III. How To Prevent Split Ends & Breakage After Haircut

breakage after haircut

1. How To Prevent Split Ends – Trimming The Hair Regularly

The most obvious way to remove the split ends is cutting them. When cutting your hair often, you can minimize the damage to your hair and let it grow faster. The frizzy condition can also rarely appear and you can feel fresh with the new hair. In order to maintain the length of the hair, you only need to cut the single strands, about 1-2 cm. The period for cutting hair depends on the length of your hair. Normally, people with long hair should cut the hair every 10 weeks, 4-6 weeks for short hair and 6-8 weeks for the hair in medium lengths.

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2. How To Prevent Split Ends – Washing Hair In An Appropriate Way

When the hair is wet, it is very fragile. Therefore, you should be careful when washing your hair. If you have long hair, it is better to apply the conditioner first because it will make your hair become silkier, add more shine and easier to wash. You should pick out the suitable amount of shampoo for your hair since overwhelming shampoo can strip away the natural oil in your scalp and the insufficient shampoo cannot remove all the dirt. In fact, almost women often use approximately 10 milliliters of shampoo to wash the hair, the same as 2 teaspoons. You should follow these tips below when washing your hair to minimize the slip ends:

  • Only wash the scalp and the nearest hair to the scalp.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water because hot water can get rid of protective oils
  • Should not use shampoos containing too much sulfate or paraben.
  • Use the conditioner on the strands of the hair
  • Keep the hair with the conditioner as long as possible as the longer you keep, the more it will improve your hair
  • Do not wash your hair many times, just once or twice a week is ideal
  • Let the hair dry naturally
3. How To Prevent Split Ends – Using Wide-Tooth Comb

There is a wide range of combs in the market nowadays for people to choose, but the ones with split ends should use the wide-tooth comb. We can use this comb for any type of hair and both wet and dry hair. Like its name, the spacing between two teeth is quite large, which can easily detangle the tangled hair, prevent the hair breakage and reduce split ends. Moreover, when using the wide-tooth comb, we will make lesser friction to the scalp than other types of comb. If you are facing up with the hair fall, wide-tooth comb is also a recommendation for you.

4. How To Prevent Split Ends – Hair Tie

The hair tie is the must-have item for girls and women. Sometimes, only with a hair tie can also make you outstanding from the crowd. However, using the hair tie which is quite tight around your hair is also a reason causing split ends. Therefore, it is better for you to look for the elastic hair ties made from cotton or silk. Due to its natural texture, this type of hair tie can cause less split ends and fight against the hair breakage in the future. You can buy the elastic hair tie in any stores or supermarkets.

5. How To Prevent Split Ends – Limiting Using Heat Tools

As we’ve mentioned above, using heat tool is the outstanding reason bringing about split ends. It is better to use them rarely, only on some special occasions. We will recommend some solutions when using heat tools to prevent split ends:

  • The suitable temperature for your hair when using heat tools is up to the length and the thickness of the hair, do not always use the maximum temperature.
  • Use some products as a protective coating for your hair before using the heat tools
  • Divide your hair into different small parts to make the heat tools work with its best as the large sections will be difficult for the heat tools to burn
  • Start at the root of the hair, then gradually work down
6. How To Prevent Split Ends – Having A Balanced Diet

A healthy diet plays a vital role in restoring the durability of the hair and prevent split ends. Below are some nutrients to help you have healthier hair:

  • Zinc: It plays a power role for the hair by supplying the many nutrients such as mineral, vitamin C, iron, etc., Moreover, Zinc can promote the DNA and RNA production, balance the hormone which leads to the hair growth and gets rid of the split ends. Foods contain a high amount of zincs are the egg, nuts, potatoes, etc.
  • Protein: Protein makes up 90% of each strand of hair and 20% of our body. Loss of protein can make your hair become dull, brittle and have the bad effect on hair texture. Therefore, supplying the sufficient protein is necessary. You should eat some food high in protein like oats, milk, peanut butter, beef, etc.
  • Iron: Iron can transport the oxygen to the scalp and add more shine to your hair. According to some reports, each woman needs about 15mg of iron every day. Tomatoes, bananas, grapes, shrimp, pork, etc., are some foods rich in iron that you should eat.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin acts as a protective barrier which helps to balance the natural oil in your scalp and supply some other lipid membranes, which prevent your hair from dryness. Moreover, vitamin E can promote the blood flow, increasing the hair grow and giving you a healthy hair. You should consume some products high in vitamin E such as almonds, olive oil, peanuts, fish, mangoes, etc.
7. How To Prevent Split Ends – Sleeping Habit

If you go to bed with the wet hair or the tying hair, the strands of hair are very vulnerable and easy to break. Therefore, you should dry your hair and let it down in order not to damage it. In case you want to tie your hair, you should use a soft scrunchie to tie it back, instead of using the elastic hair tie. Moreover, if you do not brush your hair before going to bed, your hair will be very tangled and difficult to comb in the next morning, which can simply lead to split ends.

8. How To Prevent Split Ends – Protecting Your Hair From UV Lights

The best way to protect your hair from the sun is staying indoors, notably during the periods when the temperature reaches a peak. If it's vital to go out, you should wear a hat or bring an umbrella with you. About the hat, you should choose the suitable material and the size for yourself because if the hat is too small, it will tighten your head, causing headache and hair breakage. You can also use the sunscreen in case your hair is thinning. When choosing the sunscreen, it is better to purchase the one which is waterproof and has an SPF of 30 or higher. And don't forget to reapply it after every two hours to maintain the protection of the sunscreen.

IV. How To Prevent Split Ends – What To Do If You Have It?

what to do if you have it

If split ends often occur, you should use the hair conditioner more frequently to supply the nutrients and the moisture to your scalp. Moreover, it can make your hair smoother and remove the frizz. You can buy the hair conditioner in every store and supermarket. If not, you can make some homemade hair conditioners on your own with the natural ingredients. Here are some home remedies to put a stop to split ends:

1. Avocado

Containing many nutrients, avocado is the trusted ingredient that many people use to make a hair mask. High in fatty amino acids, avocado helps to retain the moisture and maintain the natural oil. There are also a large number of vital vitamins presenting in avocado. Vitamin B is good for growing hair while vitamin E can repair some damaged areas in your scalp from the free radicals. Moreover, the amount of high-fat in avocados can prevent your hair from dryness and breakage, the root of split ends.

Method 1:


  • Put the avocado in the grinder to grind until we have a soft paste
  • Mash a ripe banana and mix into the avocado above
  • Add 5 tablespoons of rose water and combine well
  • Rub the mixture into your hair and massage gently
  • Keep it in your hair for about 30 minutes – an hour
  • Rinse it off with water
  • Rewash your hair with a shampoo

Method 2:


  • Put the avocado in a bowl and mash it with a spoon
  • Add two tablespoons of milk to the avocado and mix them well
  • Apply this mixture to your hair and wait for about 30 minutes
  • Leave it off with warm water
  • Rewash your hair with a regular shampoo

Do this method twice a month.

2. Papaya

There are many reasons that make papaya become the ideal ingredient for preventing split ends. Papaya is a good source of nutrients such as fiber, vitamin B, carotenes, etc., which can remove excess oil, dirt in your hair and stimulate the hair growth. Furthermore, with the high amount of protein in papaya, it can easily reduce the split ends and make your hair stronger and stronger.


  • A ripe papaya
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil
  • A tablespoon of yogurt


  • Remove all the seed and the outer of a papaya
  • Cut the papaya into different pieces
  • Put them in the grinder to make a soft paste
  • Mix the coconut oil and the yogurt into the papaya
  • Combine them well
  • Keep it in your hair for about 30 minutes and massage gently
  • Rinse it off with water and rewash your hair with your regular shampoo

Do this method once a week

3. Beer

The vitamin B and the natural sugar in beer can add more shine and give you the glossy hair. What is more, the pH level presenting in beer can also help to avoid your hair from dryness and oily, eliminate dandruff and split ends.

The easiest home remedy with beer is that you boil the beer for about 15 minutes, let it cool down and mix that with a teaspoon of shampoo. Then you use that as your usual shampoo, rinse it off with cold water.

In order to see the market result, you can make a mixture with an egg and the apple cider vinegar:


  • Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • An egg
  • ½ cup of beer


  • Take the yolk by separating the egg white and yolk
  • Mix it with the beer and the apple cider vinegar
  • Combine the mixture well
  • Apply it on your hair for 20-30 minutes and massage gently
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water and rewash your hair with your shampoo

Do this method once a week.

All in all, these are some recommendations helping you to know how to prevent split ends & breakage after haircut. We can easily remove split ends so you do not need to worry if facing up with this situation. If you want to know more other tips and tricks for common hair problems, visit our main Hair Care page to get more information. In case you have any queries about this writing, feel free to express your opinion by commenting on the box below. We are always willing to answer all questions.

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