Top 16 Tips on How To Regrow Hair Fast & Naturally

Someone is also haunted by some hair issues like hair loss, dull or dry hair. In such cases, most of them will immediately come up with the idea that they will cut the damaged hair down. But it is not for all the cases, in fact, to help you deal with how to regrow hair fast and naturally, there are several methods you can take to bring to your hair bright and silky look. If you are suffering from negative hair situation, you’d better refer these magical methods to recover the life for your hair.

Top 16 Tips on How To Regrow Hair Fast & Naturally

Hair is an important part of the body. So many people are concerned about how to maintain the hair strength because they are profoundly aware of the importance of appearance that is partially determined by the appearance of your hair. It can’t be denied that stylish, healthy and strong hair will bring about to both men and women the confident look and make them stand out in a crowd. That’s the reason why a tremendous number of people spend much time on taking care of the hair in hopes of keeping it always in good condition.

Firstly, Beauty Talk will introduce to you about the best natural treatments and some natural remedies that should be used for your hair in order to get the strong hair health.

1. Utilize Vitamin E Regimen 

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Vitamin E is an indispensable part of your hair. It is the essential source to provide the essential nutrient for your hair to keep it always in good condition. If you can utilize vitamin E for your hair, you will have the chance to prevent the attack of some normal hair problems like hair loss, dull hair, split hair…which are mainly caused by chemical use or heating.  Besides, once applying the vitamin E oil on your hair scalp, you will experience the faster growth of new hair as well as the thicker texture of it. Moreover, when absorbing vitamin E directly, the blood circulation will be boosted thoroughly which can affect the regrowth of your hair as well. Therefore, you should really take use of vitamin E to get strong hair and fast hair growth.

Remember that besides using vitamin E directly, you can also utilize some kinds of shampoo or conditioner that contain vitamin E compound. By this way, it is quite more convenient for you to apply vitamin E every time you want.

2. Create Hair Mask From Gooseberry

How to regrow hair

Gooseberry is also a kind of herb that will help to answer the question of how to regrow hair fast and naturally. Especially when you have to suffer the hair loss situation for so long that makes your hair weaker and easier to fall down, that is the time you need to pay special attention to taking of it. A magical herb that can help you to retain the hair fast is a gooseberry.

It is so-called Amla and a beneficial herb for hair and scalp. It works basing on the mechanism of blood increase into your scalp, from which more nutrients will be carried to the hair follicles making your scalp stronger to keep hair tightly and not let it fall. Besides, gooseberry also helps to make your hair look thicker.

So how to regrow hair fast gets the answer is using gooseberry the right way. You will need to prepare 1 cup of gooseberry juice and 1 cup of coconut oil. Mix both of these ingredients and heat them until the mixture gets red brown color. That’s time you can take this treatment to apply on your hair. Massage your hair gently with this solution and you will feel the positive change in your hair look.

3. Make A Hair Mask From Aloe Vera, & Coconut Oil Or Milk

One of the best and safest way to show you how to regrow hair fast without caring about the side effect  is taking advantage of natural hair mask. Among the most common masks that people usually take to apply on hair, there comes an excellent recipe, which is formed by the mixture of nutritious ingredients: aloe vera and coconut oil.

As you can see, aloe vera is widely used in many hair products thanks to the amazing properties included in it. Some of the most prominent ones that should be mentioned here are the high content of proteolytic enzymes, which are responsible for the recovery of dead skin cells or scalp, the reduction of hair fall and the mitigation of dandruff, the lessening of the itchy situation as well. According to some experts, in aloe vera, there is property similar keratin, which is in charge of livening your hair and preventing the hair loss effectively.

With the coconut milk or oil, it is sure that you will be surprised at what it contains in providing your hair with super strong health and helping you answer how to regrow hair fast and naturally. It is comprised of vitamin C, B1, B5, B6, iron, magnesium, phosphorus which are proved to be beneficial for hair. Coconut oil is also made at home by so many people to be served as a normal treatment for hair restoration. You must be appealed to the alluring aroma of coconut, but more than that, you will be attracted to its wonderful effect on your hair loss.

In fact, you can use coconut and aloe vera separately to nurture your hair like massaging your hair with homemade coconut oil/milk and homemade aloe vera, then wash your hair with smooth shampoo. But in this remedy, you can make an excellent hair mask with both of these magical ingredients which are guaranteed to prevent your hair loss thoroughly.

You just need to mix both aloe vera gel and coconut oil or milk to make a paste and then cover your hair with this mask. Don’t forget to rub your hair and scalp gently. Leave it there for 1 hour and rinse it off with tepid water. After several times of using this method, your hair will be regrown fast.

4. How to Regrow Hair naturally & Fast With Green Tea

How to regrow hair

Green tea is not just for drinking but also a traditional Chinese remedy to treat hair loss.

Green tea is not just for drinking but also a traditional Chinese remedy to treat hair loss that receives so many positive feedbacks. If you are confused about how to regrow hair fast, why don’t you take some green tea to consider it the effective hair rinse? It is, in fact, very effective because EGCG included in green tea is proved to treat hair loss, psoriasis, and dandruff efficiently in middle-aged men and women.

You have experienced the heating, surgery, or chemical putting on hair and are now getting intense hair loss? Use some green tea now to let the EGCG heal the scalp and boost the growth as well as the thickness of your hair.

It is recommended that you should apply the green tea on a daily basis to let it improve the blood circulation to your scalp as well as provide the nutrients to your hair follicles and lock the DHT, which is the main cause of your hair fall.

You can find green tea somewhere around you, make the hair rinse and then massage your hair with green tea. Then wash it off with clean water. It is sure you will get the bright shiny hair just after a short time utilizing green tea.

5. Make A Hair Paste From Licorice, Dandelion, & Burdock for Hair Growth

How to regrow hair

Are you wondering how to regrow hair fast and naturally? You should apply this remedy as it will meet your all demand when offering you the chance to get hair grow fast without leaving and chemical effect on your hair like what other hair products do on your hair. It is the combination of natural herbs licorice, dandelion root, and burdock root.

If licorice is well-known for its soothing effect to provide scalp with comfortable sense, dandelion root is rich in minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, E, C, B-complex, and iron, potassium, biotin, choline, then burdock root is widely known for the rich source of mucilage, vitamin A, inulin…which are all beneficial for hair. So the mixture of these 3 key ingredients will be a great solution to keep your hair away from some hair problems like hair loss, hair dandruff, or hair breakage and boost the regrowth of your hair.

The remedy using these 3 herbs are quite simple. You just need to prepare: some licorice root, dandelion root, and burdock root.

  • First, you smash the licorice in a small glass and pour the water to half of it
  • Then, put the dandelion and burdock in the processor to make a paste
  • Put the licorice water in the blender and blend it with the above paste
  • Apply this paste on your hair for 24 hours and wash it off with clean water.
  • Your hair will be grown fast beyond your expectation.

6. Apply Egg Mask On Hair

In case you want to know how to regrow hair fast and haven’t got the answer, then you should consider applying egg mask for hair and this will help to improve the growth of your hair significantly.

Egg yolk has been well-known for the high content of protein and amino acids, so it is guaranteed that your hair will be provided with these important factors in maintaining healthy all the time. Besides, you can find out vitamin A, D in egg yolk. This vitamin then will generate to your scalp and bring about smooth and moisturized hair. With vitamin E from egg yolk, your hair can be offered with the protection against external harmful effect and UV rays, so it can be healthy and away from some issues. The egg yolk is also enriched with fatty protein lecithin, which can help to reduce the frizz hair, at the same time boost the renewal of hair follicles and hair root.

Therefore, just after sometimes applying egg mask for hair, you will certainly possess thick and strong hair as you want.

You can prevent the hair fall by following these suggestions:

  • You can mix an egg with lavender oil and grapeseed oil. Cover your hair with this mask and rinse it off with shampoo.
  • You can mix egg yolk with extra-virgin olive oil. Cover your hair with this paste for 15-20 minutes and then wash if off with shampoo.
  • Or you can simply whip 2 eggs and apply it to your hair and massage it gently to experience its effect.

7. How To Regrow Hair Fast By Taking Use Of Nettle

How to regrow hair

Nettle or stinging nettle is among the most versatile plants on earth and is well-known for helping you deal with the wonder how to regrow hair fast and naturally. Even though so many people don’t appreciate the benefits of nettle sting towards people’s hair, it is actually a herb born for hair. It is included with a wide range of vitamin A, B, C, D, K and a various number of minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, chlorophyll… Along with the ability to boost the blood circulation to your scalp, it is not strange that so many people believe in using nettle in treating with hair loss or breakage and boosting the fast hair growth.

To take use of nettle for hair, you need to follow the recipe of nettle tea or hair rinse as followed:

  • Take some of the top nettle leaves to put them in boiling water
  • Let the leaves steep for 15-20 minutes
  • Cool the tea down, and then apply it on your hair
  • Massage the scalp gently and feel the positive change on your hair after sometimes taking it.

8. Utilize Some Castor Oil

Wonder how to regrow hair fast and naturally? The answer is castor oil. Castor oil is one of the popular kinds of oil that is widely used as a coat for hair. It not only provide nourishing properties for your hair but also thicken your hair remarkably thanks to the high content of fatty acids and vitamin E. Along with omega-9 fatty acids, castor oil can improve the softness and smoothness of your hair just after sometimes you utilize it.

You can massage your hair with castor oil, but remember to mix it with other mild essential oil like rosemary, lavender, peppermint, or combine it with coconut, almond oil or olive oil. This will help to sooth the intensity of the castor oil. Then you just need to apply this kind of oil on your hair and massage gently to let the nutrition generate to the scalp and nurture your hair from the root to boost the growth of your hair fast.

Besides the above popular herbs, which play an important role in stimulating the hair regrowth, there is also a large number of nutritious herbs which can assist you in strengthening your hair. You may be referred to some kinds of herbs like chamomile, shikakai, hibiscus, lavender, fenugreek, reetha, mint,…to experience the  fast effect of them on your hair, from which you can get the bright thick hair look as you expect simply.

The above natural herbs are extremely beneficial for you to deal with how to regrow hair fast. Such kinds of the herb are proved to bring to your hair super strength as well as precious nutrition. They can be applied to your hair in the form of hair mask or coat to nourish your hair from the root and protect it from the harmful effect which can cause some serious problems like dandruff, hair fall or hair loss. Therefore, you can easily promote the growth of your hair fast.

In continuing with how to regrow hair fast, you cannot just rely on the advantages of natural herbs but exercise some practices and follow the habit, which are beneficial for the hair fast growth. Below is the list of exercises you should do for your hair to boost its growth significantly.

9. Take Horsetail For Thick Hair

How to regrow hair

You may wonder how to regrow hair fast, and horsetail is exactly what you need to keep in mind when coming to an effective remedy to stimulate the hair growth. It is rich in minerals and silica. If minerals help to provide the scalp with enough nutrition to strengthen it, the silica is known to formulate the collagen, which is then generated to nourish your hair, at the same time, mitigate and fix the situation of damaged or weak hair. The minerals included in horsetail are also several with some outstanding kinds like manganese, selenium, and potassium. All of these minerals can help to increase the elasticity of hair. In general, horsetail is a very effective kind of herb which can be used to grow your hair fast.

You just need to remember that horsetail is formed with so many antiseptic properties, so the overdose of it may cause some dryness on your hair. Therefore, you should just utilize the relative amount of this herb and feel the positive change in your hair.

10. Massage Your Scalp Gently With Mild Substances

How to regrow hair

Certainly, it will be not encouraged that you put too much pressure on your scalp when you wash your hair or apply any substance. You just need to massage your scalp and hair gently with your fingertips with mild substances like natural-made shampoo or conditioner. Besides, you can refer to the above natural sources with rich content good for hair but still containing soothing effect that can provide your hair and scalp with relaxing sense. This may be thought not important to the hair growth, but in fact, this action will protect your hair from being weak, lost or broken. Always keep in mind that gentle massage with mild substance is the key factor in determining whether your hair is grown fast or not. And keep practicing this action regularly to boost the blood circulation to your scalp also and maintain your hair health in good condition all the time.

11. Keep Healthy Diet

The diet may not be related to the health of your hair but in fact, there is a tight relationship between these two aspects. Do you know that to protect your hair, just external effect is not enough, but you will need the effect from inside your body on your hair? The internal secret lies in the diet you follow daily.

To know how to regrow hair fast, you should keep a diet enriched with essential vitamin like vitamin A, B, C, E, copper, magnesium, vitamin B complex. Such kinds of vitamin will keep your body in good health, at the same time provide the fresh life to your hair. Besides, you should also absorb some kinds of fatty food like yogurt, milk, eggs, spinach, broccoli, …or vegetable like cabbage, avocado, oats…because they play an important part in stimulating your hair growth. So keep using such useful substance to keep your hair always in good condition. Last but not least, remember to consume omega-3-riched ingredients like fish, olive oil, beans…as they will contribute 3% to the boosting of your hair thickness.

12. Stay Away From Stress

How to regrow hair

You may not believe in this statement, but the truth is that being in stress situation too often may leave harmful effect on not only your body but also your hair. Everyone knows how awful the stress is. It can easily make you down, steal your happy mood and even can make your hair lost easily and fast. It is proved that when you get stressed, your hair cycle may get abnormal and push your hair to the fall-out phase. Therefore, if you want to alleviate the hair loss significantly, you should reduce your stress day by day.

You can reduce the stress by some simple exercise like doing yoga, take deep breath, take a rest at an opening place where you can immerse yourself in nature…Or even you can listen to some music while going jogging or running. These simple activities are believed to save your soul and reduce the hair loss and stimulate the hair growth effectively.

13. Don’t Style Your Hair Too Much

How to regrow hair

It is great that you can make up your hair any styles you want, which means that your hair will suffer from any harmful effect from heating or chemical substances. So you should remember that you can style your hair you want but don’t abuse this habit as well as chemical substances too much as they will promote the weakness of your hair which may cause your hair loss fast. If you are longing for the fast hair growth, it is suggestible that you should not take use of such toxins too much and not style your hair too much.

14. Stay Away From Chemical Hair Products

Using shampoo or conditioner for hair is normal things. It will be greater for you to utilize natural kinds of products than other products with too many chemical compounds. For example, you should just make friend with products made with aloe vera , jojoba, olive…as they are all proved to be friendly with your hair. Stay away from products with dying substance, toxins, too fragrant ones…By doing so, you can save your hair from being lost, broken, split, then the growth of hair will be fastened.

15. Comb Your Hair With Wide Tooth Comb

You should remember that combing hair too much is also the main reason your hair gets weak and fall out easily. However, you cannot let your hair in tangled situation, so the option for your now is to take use of a wide tooth comb. This kind of comb will make sure to bring to you a good look while still keeping your hair from being lost.

16. Sleep Tight With Silky Or Soft Pillow

How to regrow hair

Sometimes, such normal thing like the pillow can determine your hair health. You should not lay down on a pillow too rough or ragged or made from hard material as this will weaken your hair if you toss your body. It is recommended that you should use a soft pillow like one from silk or cotton. They are friendly with your hair scalp and can make sure your hair is always in good condition without being easily lost. Just take a silky, cotton or soft pillow to lay down and let your hair grow significantly.

Above are some of the best ways to help you attain the new birth of your strong hair. If you can apply these tips the right way, it is certain that the condition of your hair will be improved clearly, then the goal of being outstanding with your hair is nothing unreachable anymore. Indeed, these top 16 tips on how to regrow hair fast & naturally are of the top priority for most of the people who have to suffer from the hair deterioration. So hopefully, these ways of dealing with regrowing hair fast are also beneficial for you to some extents to bring the life to your hair and make it always stay in positive condition and never drop in the negative situation. Be sure that your hair scalp is not sensitive to some of the above methods, then experience them to feel the change in your hair.

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