Top 14 Tips On How To Tone Hips And Thighs Fast At Home

You are a modern girl and it is certain that at least one time you were attracted to a female celebrity appearing in front of a crowd with a sexy body with slim hips and thighs. There is no doubt that these things are the dream of so many girls nowadays as they partially show off their confidence and attractiveness. Except for those who possess such things naturally, there are still women who have had to spend so much time and effort on finding out the most efficient methods to shape their hips and thighs. Seeing that the trend is becoming more apparent, Beauty Talk would like to show you 14 tips on how to tone hips and thighs fast at home.

Top 14 Tips On How To Tone Hips And Thighs Fast At Home

The fact is that there are several ways to help you gain such dream, both chemical and non-chemical. And in this article, you will be introduced to all the safest and fastest natural ways to call back your tiny hips and thighs. Such methods are really simple to follow, more importantly, you will not need to abuse any kinds of drugs or toxic substances, so you can keep the piece in mind that you will attain your sexy body’s parts without being affected by side effect. There is just one note you should remember is that you will need a little patience when adopting these methods to make sure your hips and thighs will be toned successfully.

Now let’s dig deep into those magical methods!

1. Do Aerobics

How to tone hips

Brisk walking is a must-take action if you want to tone hips and thighs fast.

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Aerobics is a popular indoor activity that is highly recommended to everyone, especially those who want to know how to tone hips and thighs fast at home. Aerobics is the grouping of actions using your hips, legs and thighs so much. So you can totally take use of these exercises in order to get the slim and firm body’s parts. There are some main exercises in aerobics that you can follow and practice day by day as followed:

  • Thighs lifting may be good for you. This is a really effective practice that affects directly on your whole leg and thighs. You just need to lift them up until they create a square angle with the floor. The speed should be increased gradually from slow to fast. Then after practicing this exercise, it is sure your thighs will be firmer.
  • Brisk walking is also a must-take action if you want to know how to tone hips and thighs fast. This exercise can help you to burn fat extremely fast if you follow it the right way. You should spend 30 minutes each day on brisk walking and you will see the certain result after 5 days of exercising it.
  • Belly dance can be considered an impactful activity because it will impact and burn the fat on your hips thoroughly. With this exercise, you should spend around 15 minutes each day to get back the slim and firm body.

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2. Go Swimming

How to tone hips

If in the previous tip, you are introduced to a very effective indoor activity to treat your hips and thighs the best, in this tip, you will be introduced to a very familiar outdoor activity that is swimming. In fact, going swimming is also an amazing way of dealing with infirm hips and thighs. When going swimming, no matter what types of swimming you choose, it is not so important but it will be great if you choose the type that you have to use your legs and thighs a lot. By doing so, such parts can work out and bring about the firm and tiny hips and thighs.

You should go swimming several times per week, it may be 2-3 times per week and around 1 hour per time. Just after several months, you will see the result is clear in front of your eyes.

3. Go Jogging

Certainly, there are no exercises better than the one that has a strong impact on your hips and thighs. One of the outstanding exercises like that is jogging. It is a simple outdoor activity that you can practice when you get free time. You can go jogging early in the morning after waking up to let all your muscles work out or you can go jogging in the evening after finishing your work. This can not only tighten your thighs, slim your hips but also give you the comfortable feeling and keep you in relaxing status. Hence, go jogging if you can to let your muscles in your thighs and hips become tighter and the fat will have no place to dwell in your body, at the same time maintain the good mood.

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4. Do Yoga

How to tone hips

Wondering how to tone hips and thighs perfectly at home? It is yoga that you should involve in your daily routine to experience the light body and firm body’s parts. You may suspect about that because doing yoga seems to be so simple that it may not have profound impact on your hips and thighs, but actually, besides reducing your stress effectively, yoga can help you to maintain good health as well as loosen the muscles in your hips and thighs making them look slimmer and strong.

With yoga, there are also many exercises for you to choose.

  • You can try Surya Namaskar yoga exercise. It is a very famous exercise and it is suggested that you should take this 2 times per day in order to burn fat fast on your hips and thighs.
  • You can also try Cobbler’s pose, Bridge pose, Chair pose, Warrior 3 pose, Seated forward bend pose,…to include all the necessary parts in the yoga exercise to make them work out the most to get back the fit and firm thighs and hips.

Now, you just need a soft small carpet lying on the floor opposite to the peaceful garden, then get ready for the yoga burning fat super fast.

5. How To Tone Hips And Thighs Fast – Take Cardio Exercise

How to tone hips

This is one of the most popular exercises that attracts the attention and participation of almost everyone in the world. According to the health specialists, this method, when being taken regularly, will help to lose fat from your entire body including hips and thighs thoroughly. One more advantage of this method is that you don’t need to prepare any complicated equipment but just need a space wide enough to move around.

  • Do work-out with simple equipment like the treadmill or the stationary bike, you just need to spend at least 30 – 40 minutes in 5 days. To find such simple equipment to do exercises that home, you can go to the shops for home equipment.
  • Besides, you should also follow some strength exercises that may take you just a little time to practice like squat, jumping, lunges, leg curls or one-legged squats…Such practices will also put an effect on the hips and thighs, so you will get the firm skin fast. With this method, you should spend 30 minutes in 3-4 days per week.

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6. Skipping Rope

How to tone hips

In dealing with how to tone hips and thighs fast at home, there is nothing greater than an exercise, which takes direct effect on your hips and thighs, one of which is skipping rope. Now, grab a rope and start skipping to let your thighs and hip work out. You can choose the most suitable timetable to do skipping rope but be sure that you don’t take it when you are full or something like that.

With skipping rope, the muscles in your hips and the whole legs will be toned, therefore, they will become firmer and more attractive as you expect.  Doing this exercise on a regular basis will attack the brown fat, which is one of the stubborn fat on your hips, thoroughly. Moreover, the muscles in the hips and thighs are also strengthened making the whole body look more attractive than ever. The best schedule for you is 20 minutes per day for skipping rope and it may be increased to 40 minutes on a regular basis.

7. How To Tone Hips And Thighs Fast – Take Some Sea Salt

How to tone hips

Are you thinking about how to tone hips and thighs fast and home? The answer is quite simple. Besides the application of such physical methods above, you can totally take use of several natural ingredients available in your house. One of the ingredients which can be used as a method of losing fat on hips and thighs is sea salt.

Sea salt contains a high number of minerals, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties,…so it can make your skin, especially that in your hips and thighs become strong and tight. The kind of salt you should take is Celtic sea salt as it has the best effect on burning fat and hydrating your whole body easily.

You can make the detox bath with this kind of sea salt to let it generate to your hips and thighs, thereby toning them thoroughly.

  • Firstly, you prepare water in a tube and pour in the tub with 2 cups of sea salt
  • You mix it thoroughly and don’t forget to supplement it with some essential oil: lavender oil, olive oil…
  • Soak your whole body in this detox for 10-20 minutes
  • Just feel relax and the comfort from this amazing detox.

8. How To Tone Hips And Thighs Fast – Take Use Of Coconut Oil

It is quite surprising to know that such a common ingredient used in hair and skin treatments like coconut oil can also be taken as a method to tone and thighs perfectly. In fact, if you haven’t got to know how to tone hips and thighs fast at home, coconut oil might be one of the best choices for you.

When using coconut oil, you can experience the gradual lightness on your body as it can help to burn the extra fat on your body effectively. Included in coconut oil is the medium-chain fatty acids, which are in charge of generating into the cell membranes and then converted into energy, not stored as extra fat on your body. In addition, using coconut oil on a regular basis also helps to improve the metabolism and decrease the cravings well.

  • So you can include in your daily meal with dishes supplemented with coconut oil. It can not only make the dishes more attractive but also impact on your hips and thighs to make them look slimmer as you want.
  • You can also use coconut oil to massage on your hips and thighs. Just 20 minutes divided into 2 times per day is enough for your sexy body.

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9. Take Use Of Cayenne Pepper

According to some scientific researches, the spicy ingredient or food can partially fasten the fat-burning process on your whole body. And with the question of how to tone hips and thighs fast at home, cayenne pepper seems to be the best choice for you. It is available around you; moreover, it is packed with the properties, which can reduce the accumulated fat on your hips and thighs effectively. Moreover, it can also improve the metabolism and help to relieve the toxins from your body thoroughly.

There is just one note you need to keep in mind that is you just should use it in a suitable dosage as overusing it can cause you the deficiency in the stomach.

  • You can put grated ginger and 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder with lemon juice in a glass of warm water
  • You mix them well and then drink it twice per day
  • You can also use cayenne pepper in your daily cooking to get hips and thighs in fit shape.
  • Just after several times of following the method with cayenne pepper, you will realize your hips and thighs are tightened thoroughly.
10. How To Tone Hips & Thighs Fast – Coffee Powder

How to tone hips

Normally, people think about coffee powder as an ingredient to make an appealing cup of coffee, which helps to energize people every morning after they wake up. But more than that, it can also help you to answer the question of how to tone hips and thighs fast at home.

You may not know that in the coffee, there is a high level of caffeine and antioxidants, which can help to tone the skin effectively. And therefore, it can also tone your hips and thighs completely. It is also used to stimulate the blood circulation and reduce the reservation of fat in your hips and thighs, so you can totally scrub such coffee powder on those parts to call back their sexy shape.

  • Firstly, after you brew the coffee, you just need to take 1 tablespoon of leftover coffee powder
  • Then you put in this powder a little honey, mix them well to get a thick consistency
  • Apply this mixture on your hips and thighs and wait until it gets dry
  • Before taking a shower, you use your wet hands to scrub the coffee and then rinse it with water
  • You should repeat this method 2-3 times per week to get the best result on your body.

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11. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

In case you want to know how to tone hips and thighs fast at home, take some apple cider vinegar right in your kitchen to turn your dream true. It is a popular ingredient widely used in many health and beauty treatments because of the beneficial properties. But it is also used for the purpose of toning your hips and thighs at home. Included in apple cider vinegar is the high content of minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, therefore, it can help to burn the excess fat effectively, at the same time limit the production of fat on such parts. It also helps to prevent the water loss efficiently. Therefore, you should take some apple cider vinegar today for slim hips and thighs.

  • You should combine apple cider with some other essential oil.
  • You can mix apple cider vinegar with coconut oil or olive oil with the ratio of 3:1.
  • Mix them well then you use this solution to apply on your hips and thighs.
  • Massage them in 10 minutes to let the solution generate to flush the fat out.
  • Leave it there for 30 minutes and wash it off with water to finish.
  • You should repeat this method twice per day for the best result.

Another treatment on how to tone hips and thighs fast at home is making a drink from apple cider vinegar.

  • Firstly, you combine 2 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar with some drops of honey in water.
  • You mix them well to get the drink and drink this solution every day in the morning before getting breakfast.
  • Follow this method several times per week, you will see how firm your hips and thighs are.
12. Take Some Lemon Grass

How to tone hips

When mentioning lemon grass, you may immediately think of it as a great flavor for some dishes. But more than that, lemon grass can be used to make an appealing hot tea that helps you to deal with the extra fat in your hips and thighs.

You are confused about how to tone hips and thighs effectively at home? Just a cup of lemon grass tea will help you to find the answer immediately. When taking lemon grass tea, it will be absorbed by your body and transfer just a few calories, so you will not need to worry about the extra fat anymore. Especially, if you take a cup of lemon grass before the meal, you will get the feeling of being full, then eat less, thereby preventing the overeating and the overweight from attacking you. In addition, you also get the feeling of eating uncontrollably in some cases especially when you are bored or have nothing to do, so the solution here is taking some lemon grass tea. This will help to reduce the unnecessary food cravings, then you still keep the hips, thighs and the whole body in shape.

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13. Keep A Healthy Diet

Now, no matter how fatty your hips and thighs are, you still need to make sure that your daily diet is good and full enough to provide yourself with daily energy. You also need to be smart in selecting the healthy food and beverages to strengthen your whole body, from which the level of fat will be controlled well so you will never need to worry about the reservation of extra fat on your hips and thighs.

If you still don’t know how to tone hips and thighs effectively at home, the tip is so simple that is becoming smart in choosing the most suitable substances to supplement your body. Also, remember that you should absorb more vegetable, ingredients that contain more fiber than fat to ensure you are provided with energy, not extra fat. You also should consume non-sugar drink to help you relieve the thirst but still keep your hips and thighs in slim shape. Moreover, you should make sure that the food you use is low in calories and carbohydrate to keep the weight in the stable situation.

14. Drink Much Water

How to tone hips

As you may know, one of the reasons leading to the extra fat on your hips and thighs are the overuse of fatty supplements. There is one method that can help you to refrain from the craving for the fatty substance, which is drinking enough water. By drinking enough water, you can both provide your body with enough hydration, flush out the toxins and help you deal with the extra fat on your hips and thighs effectively. Remember that you should drink fresh and clean water. The suitable amount is around 2 liters per day. Make sure to provide yourself with 2 liters of water per day, then your hips, thighs and other parts of your body will be kept in fit shape all the time.

Beauty Talk has shown you 14 tips on how to tone hips and thighs fast at home. Do you have your own methods? Actually, all of those tips are worth taking, you can combine suitable methods as you want in the most scientific way to make sure they can have the positive impact on your hips and thighs. Certainly, just after a short time patiently following these tips, your dream of getting a sexy body like that of famous celebrity will not be something unreachable. Once again, hopefully, your hips and thighs will be toned thoroughly to help you get confidence, attractiveness, and success.

If you have any comments or questions on this article, leave them in the comment box.

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