Top 4 Simple Ways On How To Get A Tan Fast And Safely At Home


The criteria for a good looking skin differ across the world. In some areas, women are more likely to appreciate the light-colored skin and try hard to protect their skin from the sun. Meanwhile, in some other parts of the world, the tanned skin tone is considered as the symbol of healthy and gorgeous. As not all of us were born the expected skin tone, people often come up with different ways to change the skin pigment, either in the permanent or temporary way. Besides wasting plenty of money in a spray tan salon or in hiring a professional, there are several ways for you to practice yourself and get the longing tanned skin tone. In this article, Beauty Talk will show you how to get a tan fast and safely at home by listing different ways that are most easy, effective and practical. If you are looking for a tan, don’t skip this article.

4 Simple Ways On How To Get A Tan Fast And Safely At Home

1. How To Get A Tan – Get A Natural Sun Tan

1. 1. Apply The Right Sunscreen

how to get a tan

Wearing sunscreen and base lotion is important during the process of getting the natural suntan. In order to get a tan more quickly, you can choose a product with low SPF yet you need to ensure your skin receive enough protection against the powerful sun rays. Sunscreen with SPF 30 to 50 filtering more than 95 % of UV rays will be suitable for normal skin while SPF will be the perfect choice for the dark skin. For the lips, as we don’t need it to be tan, a lip balm with minimum SPF 15 is a suitable option. It prevents the lips from getting dry, painful and unattractive.

Oil or a spray will provide the most even tan effect on your skin. They will be easier to spread thoroughly the skin thanks to its watery texture. Don’t forget your hands after spraying your body.

1.2. Prepare For Base Tan

It is necessary to apply natural oils if you want to get a good base tan without using the store-bought stuff.  It will help your skin attract the sun better and offer the olive glow. Before going out, apply one of the natural tan-enhancers such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, or wheat-germ oil and wash off it later with soap and water.

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1.3. Move While You Tan

Remember to turn your body frequently, like cooking a rotisserie chicken, in order to have an even tan. Let the sun touch your back first, then your left side, your stomach and finally turn to your right side. Don’t forget places that the sun normally cannot reach such as the underarms. Make sure that you move your hands and legs frequently if you don’t want awkward tan lines. In case it is too hard for you to lie around all day, you can take an alternative including jogging or slow running. These activities also increase the sun exposure, shape your body and improve your health.

1.4. Position In Direct Sunlight

Sitting in one direction for all day is one of not-to-do things you need to know. Remember to keep moving your chair so that you can be directed to the sunlight as it moves across the sky.  This action helps your skin to receive the better source of sunlight and get an even tan. Once again, you can do some activities outside to let the sun reach your skin easier.

1.5. Choose The Right Time

When your body cannot produce more melanin and your skin reaches the maximum tanning point, it will be pointless to spend the all day by the pool. 2 to 3 hours per day are enough for your skin in order not to be at risk of UV damage and skin cancer. The best time for getting a tan is between 10 am to 4 pm. Even though that period of time is considered as the peak hours of sunlight when the sun is strongest and can be very harmful to your health by irritating skin cancers [1],  they are the best time for you to get a tan if you want to get it quickly.

It is also noted that you should take some breaks during the tanning to reduce your sunburn risk and UV intensity. By seeking some shades, you can keep your tan longer-lasting and healthier.

1.6. Use Supportive Equipment

how to get a tan

Using a reflective towel can help to focus the sun on your skin better. This technique was popular in the past for its effectiveness. You can purchase these reflective products including a sunscreen, another effective reflective product from the markets.

As the common knowledge that water can reflect sunlight, lying on a floatation device on or near a pool of water will help you to absorb the sun more effectively and more quickly.

1.7. Reapply Lotion/ Oil

After contact with water or after every 2 hours, it is necessary to reapply lotion or oil to your skin, even when you use the water-resistant products. You should always cover your body with lotion or some types of oil with having the low SPF index.

1.8. Moisturize After Tanning

To keep your skin soft and hydrated after a long period of tanning, you need to apply a good lotion like an aloe-based moisturizer. This moisturizing can cool the skin and make the tan healthier. You can also drink more water during the tanning and after it to avoid the dizzy, parched feeling, which may happen after tanning [2].

2. How To Get A Tan – Get A Spray Tan

Besides lying under the sun and get a natural tan, a spray tan is another option for you to choose. This spray tans include DHA, the three-carbon sugar dihydroxyacetone that can interact with amino acids and make the skin more tanned. This method is believed to provide more concentrated and even tan than the natural one.

First of all, you will need to choose a spray tan product. It is recommended to pick up the one with a lower percentage of DHA because it can help you add color gradually.  This option will be safe as you cannot get it back after spraying and making your skin darker than expected. If you want to have a long lasting tan with the healthy glow, products full of erythrulose will be a perfect choice.

The, let determine how many numbers of layers you need before actually applying it. One layer will be sufficient for people with the fair skin while those with dark skin will need more layers of spray tan. If you are not sure about the numbers of layers, take it gradually as you cannot overdo it.

Before getting sprayed, you will need to exfoliate your skin by getting rid of all the rough and dead skin. An oil-free exfoliating scrub containing rough beads or granules can help to polish your skin.

A spray tan often lasts for a short time, from five to 10 days. It means that you will need to touch up every 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the tan strength. You can keep the tan longer by moisturizing with lotion every day as well.

3.  How To Get A Tan – Avoid Sunbeds

Sunbed is considered as an unhealthy way on how to get a tan. According to Dr. Nick Lowe, the tanning bed’s UV used in most salons is the wrong one. It pumps out no UVB, which stimulates vitamin D yet huge amounts of UVA, which can damage your skin cells’ DNA [3].  Therefore, over time, sunbeds can be a reason for skin cancer.  Find another safe way to get a tan, not a deadly disease.

4. How To Get A Tan – Eat Sun-Friendly Foods

Consuming some certain foods can increase lycopene, the SPF of our skin, which help you get a tan more quickly. An antioxidant contained in red and orange fruits such as tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes is believed to give you the natural tan by warming up the natural skin tone [4].  More specifically, these fruits and vegetables can increase the skin pigmentation, making your skin more tanned. Meanwhile, some other foods can be effective in protecting sunburn and skin cancer in case you want to practice the natural sun tanning, including green tea, dark chocolate, and caffeine. You can try other foods for healthy skin to take care of your skin after the tanning.

It is not difficult on how to get a tan safely and fast at home. Each way will have different time requirement based on its strength. It will not be good for your skin if you get rushed and do too many changes in a short time. Remember that it will be worthless to have a tan if your skin is not protected and taken care. Moreover, once you get a tan, there is no way to take it back. You will have to spend a certain period of time waiting for it to get faded. Therefore, think carefully before you learn how to get a tan on your own. In this article, different ways to get a tan have been suggested for you. We hope it can help you to get your expected skin tone effectively at home. If you have any more idea about how to get a tan, please share with us. For more information, please visit the main page Skin Care.

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