Top 24 Ways How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally & Fast

All of us want to keep their glowing skin permanently but skin loses naturally its glowing youthfulness with increasing age. Stretch marks are narrow lines or streaks on the surface of the skin, with different colors. Basically, they mainly occur over the upper arms, abdominal wall, thighs, buttocks and breasts. Rapid growth, weight loss or rapid weight gain are the main causes of stretch marks. Some other reasons for this problem include puberty, changes in physical conditions, bodybuilding, stress, pregnancy and hormone replacement therapy as well. Stretch mark problem can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about your appearance. Thankfully, there are several effective tips how to get rid of stretch marks fast and naturally. To know more, continue to read this whole article in the line of Skin Care on Beauty Talk site.

Top 24 Ways How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally & Fast

1. Exfoliation


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Exfoliating regularly is extremely useful for dealing with a number of skin issues, including stretch marks. As you know, dead, dry skin cells daily build up on your skin, making it look dull and feel rough. Exfoliating helps to remove the skin cells’ excess build up, thereby revealing the fresh skin beneath. So, exfoliating regularly helps to increase skin cell turnover, helping your stretch marks remove faster. Exfoliating one to two times a week is enough for most people.

2. Moisturizing

An essential part of decreasing the appearance of stretch marks is keeping skin moisturized. You need to moisturize every day, focusing on areas that are affected by stretch marks. You can make your own moisturizer by mixing equal parts aloe vera, olive oil, and wheat germ oil together. If desired, add vitamin E capsules to moisturizer. Vitamin E helps to stimulate the production of collagen and improves elasticity and texture of the skin. After that, use it as needed.

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3. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Massage

This is also another simple way on how to get rid of stretch marks. Regular massage aids the healing process of the skin and helps to remove toxins, lowering the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. It is advisable to massage the skin with almond oil for best results because this oil is full of vitamin E and helps the skin develop elastin and collagen. Olive oil is a great alternative for people with nut allergies.

4. Drink Water

Frankly speaking, keeping the body well hydrated will help to protect the skin from a lot of kinds of issues and aids detoxification. Furthermore, it restores elasticity and aids in keeping the skin supple as well. You should try drinking 1-2 glasses of water a few times during a day. The best way to maintain the body hydrated is drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day, according to experts. Drinking water will also make the skin smooth & soft and help to maintain its elasticity. You need to avoid coffee, soda or tea though.

5. Healthy Lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle is very important for healthy body and beautiful skin. Particularly, to reduce stretch marks, you need to include vitamin E, C and proteins in your daily diet. These vitamins increase the production of collagen, improve elasticity and promote tissue growth and repair. Plus, indulge in daily exercises such as walking, jogging, aerobics and swimming. Exercises will help to improve blood flow which decreases the stretch marks.

6. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub contains three types of essential oils namely turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil, and cedar leaf oil. Plus, it has petrolatum and camphor. These properties act together to moisturize your skin and make it smoother and softer. This remedy also helps to eliminate stretch marks remarkably.


You simply apply the VapoRub on your affected area and later massage for 1-2 minutes. Then, use the cling wrap to cover the area. Leave this on overnight and repeat this method every night till all the stretch marks go away completely.

7. Using Jojoba Oil

Another great remedy on how to get rid of stretch marks is using jojoba oil because this oil comprises anti-inflammatory & skin healing properties. It’s suggested that you start to apply this oil as soon as your stretch marks start appearing because this will inhibit them from progressing further. Furthermore, it will nourish and heal the skin and accelerate the growth and development of healthier new cells.


Take a couple of drops of jojoba oil and later apply it on your stretch marks. Gently massage for several minutes and keep it like that. To reduce stretch marks, apply this oil 2-3 times a day.

8. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark Using Sugar


The best remedy on how to get rid of stretch marks must include sugar. Sugar is rich and natural sources of glycolic acid, which promotes the skin and helps o generate fresher and younger looking skin. The small particles of sugar are used in many body scrubs to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate skin as well. In addition, alpha hydroxy acids are often used to deal with dry skin, causing darkening of the skin. Plus, it reduces sunburn and acne.


Firstly, mix 1 teaspoon of sugar, lemon juice and almond oil and next, stir them for 5 minutes. After that, apply this solution to your stretch marks and gently rub it for ten minutes. Finally, wash off with water.

9. Olive Oil For Stretch Marks Removal

You should not skip olive oil when seeking for the greatest remedies on how to get rid of stretch marks naturally. Olive oil contains antioxidants which let it work as a moisturizer, cleanser, and protector of skin. Vitamin A thickens and promotes the dermis and lowers fine lines and wrinkles naturally. It also enhances blood flow to the skin’s surface. Vitamin E aids in neutralizing the oxidant impact of free radicals damaging collagen and it’s the main cause of fine lines, wrinkles and skin dryness.

Method 1:

Firstly, cleanse skin by taking a hot shower. Take some drops of olive oil and rub it into scarred skin in a circular motion. This improves the blood circulation and decreases the stretch marks too. Leave on until dry and repeat two times a day.

Method 2:

Mix few drops each of olive oil and vinegar together with water. Then, apply this mixture to stretch marks prior to going to bed and keep overnight. This method hydrates, smoothes, and exfoliates skin. You should repeat regularly.

10. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Castor Oil


Castor oil is also one of the natural ways on how to get rid of stretch marks. It also a natural remedy for sunburn, acne, and dry skin as well. In addition, it helps to evade infections such as warts, boils, chronic itching and athlete’s foot. Castor oil also stimulates the collagen and elastin production. Last but not least, this oil helps skin to come back to its initial position when stretched.


Firstly, take some castor oil and apply it to your stretch marks. Lightly massage the area for a gap of five to ten minutes in circular motions. With the help of a thin, cotton cloth, wrap the area. Thereafter, apply some heat to your affected area for a minimum of 30 minutes with a heating pad or a hot water bottle. Repeat this process every day for at least one month to see positive results.

11. Black Tea Massage For Stretch Marks Removal

Black tea is packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and zinc and is also rich in vitamins such as B, C and E. It has multiple benefits such as boosting the immune system, preventing cancer, eliminating free radicals, improving the digestive tract, stimulating the brain and nervous system, increasing energy, strengthening the bone and connective tissue, and aiding in weight loss as well. B complex vitamins present in it improve the state of the hair, nails and skin, thus increasing beauty. Vitamin B12, on the other hand, helps to regulate the pigment production of the skin and prevents age spots and hyperpigmentation too.


The first step is boiling black tea (2 tbsp) and salt (1 tsp) in water for two minutes. Let it cool and apply the resulting combination on the stretch marks.

12. Using Homemade Cream With Cocoa & Shea Butter


Applying this homemade cream is used for eliminating stretch marks effectively. It is loaded with Vitamin E and antioxidants. Antioxidants help to limit the free radical production which can damage the skin cells, thus protecting skin. Vitamin E aids in neutralizing free radicals and helps to prevent cellular damage from happening. Moreover, it protects & repairs the skin.


Take 2 tsp of cocoa butter, 2 tsp of Shea butter and 1 tsp of vitamin E. Then, melt Shea butter together with cocoa butter. Thereafter, to the melted butter, add vitamin E oil. Mix them well and keep in a container. Once the cream cools down, it’ll get into solid state. Use this as needed.

13. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Potato Juice

Potatoes have a starch with emollient properties that help to soothe the skin. Potatoes have the ability to eliminate stretch marks thanks to their antioxidants.  Besides, the potato is loaded with vitamin C, thiamine, potassium, riboflavin, folate, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc.


Firstly, take a potato and cut it into thick sized slices. Later gently rub the slices over the stretch marks and after 5-10 minutes, wash off by using lukewarm water. Do it regularly to see the remarkable changes.

14. Aloe Vera Remedy For Stretch Mark

The most well-known way on how to get rid of stretch marks must include aloe vera. It comes with plant collagen which helps to repair the skin immensely. Collagen is an important protein that makes the skin elastic, youthful and supple. Collagen is also really beneficial to our skin since they help to lower fine lines, wrinkles, reverse age of skin, plump up the skin, tighter skin, and promote the elasticity of skin too.


Cut an Aloe vera leaf in half and collect the gel by squeezing it out. Then, use the gel on your stretch marks and after 2-3 hours, wash off with water.

15. Alfalfa For Removing Stretch Marks


Basically, alfalfa sprout is very beneficial for weight loss. Plus, it’s an effective remedy on how to get rid of stretch marks naturally. It is high in Vitamin E, K and amino acids. Vitamin K aids in regulating the procedure of blood clotting & bone mineralization. Plus, this vitamin plays a vital role in keeping bone density and lowers the chance of cardiovascular disease too. Vitamin E helps to neutralize the oxidant impact of free radicals damaging collagen which is the major cause of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin dryness. Amino acids, on the other hand, help to nourish the hair, skin, and nails.


Add alfalfa powder (1 tsp) to chamomile oil (4 drops). Mix them well for 5 minutes and apply the paste to your stretch marks carefully. Keep it for fifteen minutes and lastly, wash off with water.

16. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Lemon Juice

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and exfoliates to eliminate dead skin cells, decreasing the appearance of stretch marks. It is packed with alpha AHA (hydroxy acids) and vitamin C as well. Vitamin C aids in encouraging production of collagen. Collagen aids the growth of blood vessels and cells and aids immensely to remain the strength and firmness of the skin. Apart from that, lemon juice works as an excellent remedy for removing tan.

Method 1:

At first, mix cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal quantities. Apply this solution to your stretch marks and allow it to dry. After that, rinse with water and repeat daily.

Method 2:

Alternatively, mix cocoa butter (½ cup) with lemon juice (2 tablespoons). Apply to your stretch marks, gently rubbing in circular motions. Leave it to dry and rinse with water. Do this daily.

Method 3:

Take a fresh lemon and cut it in half. Later squeeze to extract juice and massage the juice into your stretch marks, gently rubbing in circular motions. After 10 minutes, you rinse with warm water. To lighten stretch marks, repeat the remedy daily.

17. Egg White Remedy For Stretch Mark

Egg white is a popular and natural ingredient in skin and hair care. It is also full of collagen and vitamin A. Collagen gives our skin suppleness, firmness, and aids in the renewal of skin cells.  Thus, this is also an ideal remedy on how to get rid of stretch marks naturally.


Separate the yolk from an egg to take out its white part. Stir this egg white and gently apply it on your stretch marks. Wait for around fifteen minutes and wash off with water.

18. Coffee Scrub For Removing Stretch Marks


Coffee contains high biological activity thanks to its caffeine and can penetrate easily the skin. In addition, it enhances the degradation of fats beneath the skin and comprises antioxidant properties too. All of these act well together to reduce and lighten stretch marks.


You prepare a paste by mixing coffee grounds with water. Then, scrub this paste well over your affected area and scrub in for 3-5 minutes in gentle, circular motions. Finally, rinse with warm water & moisturize. For better results, add 1-2 tbsp of aloe vera gel or olive oil. This scrub should be used daily.

19. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Vitamin E Oil

Typically, vitamin E oil is mainly found in lotions and creams used to prevent skin aging and remove scars. It nourishes the skin, keeps it healthy, and aids in the process of healing stretch marks and scars owing to its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant agents. Furthermore, it gives the skin protection from UV radiation.


Take the vitamin E oil capsules and cut them to extract the oil. Then, apply this oil on the stretch marks and you massage for a couple of minutes. Leave it on like that. Also, you orally take one vitamin E oil capsule daily. Apply this oil 2-3 times a day.

20. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Baby Oil


Surprisingly, baby oil is an ideal method on how to get rid of stretch marks fast and naturally. Baby oil comprises important nutrients that will nourish the skin and keep it supple and soft. It will also inhibit the appearance of stretch marks in future. So, how to get rid of stretch marks with the help of baby oil? Try the method below:


After you take a hot shower, you pat the skin dry and later apply some baby oil on the stretch marks. Massage it well so that this oil gets absorbed into your skin. Leave the oil to dry naturally. After taking a shower daily, use the oil.

21. Tea Tree Oil Remedy

As you know, tea tree oil benefits are numerous. One of the great advantages is its ability to eliminate stretch marks and scars as well. Besides, it consists of anti-inflammatory properties.


At first, take tea tree oil (4-5 drops) and coconut oil or olive oil (1 ½ tbsp). Then, mix them together and massage on your stretch marks. Leave it to get absorbed by your skin and keep it on. It is recommended to apply this simple method 2 times a day.

22. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Turmeric

Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants and comprises skin-lightening and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular application of turmeric will lower the stark difference between the skin & the stretch mark scars. You’ll also notice your stretch marks remove to a great extent after a few weeks.


At first, take 1 tablespoon each of turmeric powder and yogurt or fresh cream. Next, combine the turmeric with the yogurt or cream to make a paste. Apply this resulting paste on your stretch marks and leave it to dry. After 10-15 minutes, you use warm water to rinse it off and moisturize. This process needs to be followed twice a day to alleviate stretch marks completely.

23. Argan Oil For Eliminating Stretch Marks

Argan oil has varied benefits, so it is used extensively in cosmetic products. It comprises antioxidant properties and is also packed with vitamin E. These properties heal and nourish the skin. They also diminish stretch marks and scars at the same time. Application of argan oil rejuvenates the elastic and collagen fibers.


Take some organic argan oil and apply it on your stretch marks. Massage for one minute and the oil gets absorbed into the skin easily. Remember to don’t wipe away or rinse. To soon get rid of stretch marks, do this religiously 2 times a day.

24. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Rosehip Oil


Basically, rosehip oil supplies our skin with vitamins A and E, as well as antioxidants, which accelerate collagen production. Besides, the oil has the fatty acids that increase the healing capacity of the skin and lower stretch marks as well as other scars


Simply, take a few drops of rosehip oil and apply it on your stretch marks. Massage in a circular motion and leave it on. It’s suggested to repeat the application 2 times a day.


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All of these are among the best natural methods to fast get rid of stretch marks. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks and remove any marks or spots that already exist, include them in your regular routine. Do you know other remedies for removing stretch marks? Share with us by commenting in the comments section below.

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