Top 20 Most Used Foods To Reduce Blood Pressure Fast

Living in the era with many threats to health, people are facing many problems, which gradually become a common issue to most of us. Among them, high blood pressure or also called hypertension should be mentioned as an example. Generally, high blood pressure is not a severe problem but if not being controlled well, it can result in other serious issues that might be out-of-control.

If diabetic patients have to follow a strict daily diet in order to manage their disease, high blood pressure ones also have to do so even though the strictness is much lighter. Anyway, it is very important for them to pay attention to their diet, which in turn, contributes largely to the management. In today article, Beauty Talk will show you top 20 most used foods to reduce blood pressure fast.

Top 20 Most Used Foods To Reduce Blood Pressure Fast

I. How Much You Understand High Blood Pressure

According to Medical News Today, blood pressure is defined as the intensity of force exerted against the arteries’ walls when blood flows through them [1]. Cardiovascular experts use mmHg as the unit to measure a human’s blood pressure. In accordance to that, there are several ranges of healthy and unhealthy indexes. For example, a person who is diagnosed to have high blood pressure if his/her upper number is greater 130 or lower number is higher than 80. This is approved by American Heart Association [2].

Regarding causes of high blood pressure, there are two main categories, including essential high blood pressure and secondary high blood pressure. The first category refers to no established cause while the second one is known as an underlying cause. Up to now, research has not indicated exactly what causes high blood pressure but there are some risk factors reported to relate essential and secondary high blood pressure. Age, family history, temperature, ethnic background, obesity, overweight, smoking, physical activity, and extra are among those risk factors. Sometimes, a high intake of salt and fat content also cause high blood pressure. Therefore, to say, it is necessary to have a proper diet.

II. Best Foods To Reduce Blood Pressure

1. Leafy Green Veggies

Above all, leafy green vegetables are among the best recommendations for a healthy diet. For high blood pressure people, they are not an exception. Normally, leafy green veggies are amazing natural sources of vitamins and minerals, especially phytonutrients that plays an essential role in managing your blood pressure.

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In particular, a significant amount of potassium contained in leafy green makes them part of foods to blood pressure. In fact, potassium is found able to help our kidneys get rid of sodium through our urine, which contributes to lowering the blood pressure.

Besides, leafy green vegetables also provide us a high content of chlorophyll, an element alkalinizing the blood and fiber. In turn, it keeps the colon healthy. Needless to describe benefits of eating green vegetables, it seems all of us have our own perception of it. By the way, blood pressure people and others are highly recommended adding them to the diet, at least one-half cup per day.

Here are some suggestions that you can take into your consideration: lettuces, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, arugula, turnip greens, collard greens, beet greens, and so on.

2. Red Beets or Beetroots

According to Medical News Today article, beetroot is another of foods to reduce blood pressure because it contains a high amount of NO3, which in turn, will be converted into NO2 and NO. Importantly, NO can relax and dilate your blood vessels [3]. This is also found in other leafy greens because all of them take up the compound from the soil.

Having a glass of beetroot juice or turning it into some dishes is all good for high blood pressure people. It is more delicious to roast or stir-fry beetroot. You also can turn beetroot into chips by baking them. However, nutritionists still recommend you drinking beetroot juice for the best effect.

3. Oatmeal

foods to reduce blood pressure

Do you love oatmeal? If yes, it might be a good piece of news for you because oatmeal is very healthy and it is also one of the best foods to reduce blood pressure. It is thanks to a high concentration of fiber along with a very negligible level of fat and sodium contained in oatmeal, which obviously contributes to reducing blood pressure.

For that reason, oatmeal should be added to your daily diet. Especially, having it in the breakfast can help you to get its benefits perfectly. Why don’t you kick off your day with a portion of oatmeal? It would be a whole new day with full energy.

If you are wondering how to prepare a breakfast with oatmeal, we can offer you a possible lovely solution.


  • Rolled oats: half a cup
  • Nut milk: half a cup
  • Berries, granola, cinnamon: up to you


  • Soak oatmeal in nut milk a night before
  • In the morning, stir in granola, some berries, and cinnamon
  • Have a nice and healthy breakfast with oatmeal
4. Salmon – Healthy Foods To Reduce Blood Pressure

If there is no fatty food on the list of foods to reduce blood pressure, fatty fish is seen as an exception. Salmon could be a healthy choice for those with high blood pressure, actually. Fully loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, salmon becomes an amazing heart-healthy food for humans. It not only helps reduce inflammation but also decreases the risk of heart disease. More importantly, it supportively keeps your blood pressure at a healthy range.

Scientifically, a review on the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on blood pressure, published in 2010 by PubMed, released that a proper daily dose of omega-3 needed to achieve a reduction in blood pressure is likely 3-4 grams [4].

You can choose various ways to add salmon to your diet but remember to keep the nutrients contained in salmon as perfectly as possible.

5. Bell Peppers

Colorful bell peppers are not only delicious but also part of foods to reduce blood pressure. Keep going on with another suggestion for your healthy dinner with some bell peppers.

As a rich source of vitamin C even higher than citrus fruits, bell peppers show great effects on blood pressure reduction and cardiac function improvement. It is already proved that vitamin C can reduce blood pressure by about 5 millimeters of mercury, according to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

6. Apricots

foods to reduce blood pressure

Let’s talk about some fruits to reduce blood pressure, guys. Apricot would be a good choice for your diet. Nutritionists say that in a portion of apricots, you can find a high concentration of vitamin C and beta-carotene, which is healthy for people with high blood pressure. Moreover, up to 3.3 grams of fiber contained in every cup of apricots can be seen as a significant figure. And luckily, high-dietary fiber content helps to reduce blood pressure as well.

You can toss some apricots on a salad with leafy green or eat dried apricots. Adding them to your smoothie is also not a bad suggestion. Why don’t you try it?

7. Mangoes

Summer comes and it brings us a variety of tasty fruits. Does anyone like mangoes? Yes, absolutely. This sweetie is an indispensable flavor for those hot summer days. But why does it appear on the list of foods to reduce blood pressure? That might be a question rising in your mind at the moment.

Actually, many people often keep a perception that sweet-tasted foods are not good for blood pressure, thereby ignoring the benefits of mangoes as well. But it seems a bit wrong because these tasty yellow fruits can help to lower blood pressure owing to a high amount of dietary fiber and beta-carotene they contain. It is approved by Hypertension Research already. Well, now you can freely come up with various ideas to turn mangoes into your favorite diet.

8. Dark Chocolate

As you may know, dark chocolate is seen as a healthy dessert for humans. It is also one of the recommended foods to reduce blood pressure, actually. A little dark chocolate offers you flavonoid content that is categorized as a plant-based pigment. Researchers from the University of Manitoba pointed out that flavonoids could improve the endothelial function that was linked to a decrease in blood pressure. Nonetheless, real dark chocolate is highly recommended but other types of chocolate. Therefore, the selection of the right chocolate is very important. If you choose not real dark chocolate to add to your list of foods to reduce blood pressure, you might suffer from some adverse effects because foods high in sugar would drive the blood pressure up.

9. Apples

An apple per day can help you keep the disease at bay. This does not mean apples can help you treat diseases but in some senses, eating apples can help improve your overall health significantly.

Especially for those, who a have a high level of blood pressure; apple is really a healthy fruit. In an apple, you can be supplied with 4.5 grams of dietary fiber, which contributes mainly to reduce the pressure. Besides, quercetin contained in these fruits also acts as an effective antihypertensive agent.

10. Eggs

foods to reduce blood pressure

Another of foods to reduce blood pressure is eggs. Good news from American Journal of Hypertension shows that a high-protein diet can lower blood pressure and promote weight loss. Eggs could be a right choice for you. However, we often eat eggs with other condiments such as ketchup, salt, or hot sauce. These wrong condiments could decrease the good effect of eggs on blood pressure so that you should give them a consideration.

11. Berries

Among various types of fruits, berries are considered as big powerhouses of nutrients, especially flavonoids, a beneficial natural compound. Thanks for this element berries are also categorized into a group of foods to reduce blood pressure.

Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and so on are several suggestions can be added to your daily diet. It could be a perfect part of your breakfast every morning or a quick and healthy dessert after meals. Adding berries to your diet also has many other health benefits. There are more options to choose, more benefits to get so that you should not get berries out of your diet anymore.

12. Yogurt And Skim Milk

Some high blood pressure patients often think of dairy product negatively. They assume that those foods could cause an increase in blood pressure as well, thereby ignoring them. However, skim milk and yogurt are not like what they thought.

Actually, skim milk is known as a great source of calcium and it is very low in fat. Yogurt is too. Particularly, in a review by American Heart Association, it reveals that women eating more than five servings of yogurt per week could lower the risk of high blood pressure by up to 20 percent. Make sure that you are eating plain yogurt or yogurt with a low level of sugar added.

Yogurt and skim milk are also on the list of foods for healthy skin so that you should add them to your diet.

13. Olive Oil

It is hard to get fats out totally out of your diet, generally and high blood pressure diet, particularly. Instead of eating vegetable oils, canola oil, butter, you can use olive oil for cooking. It is seen as a healthy fat containing polyphenols, inflammation-fighting compounds. Thus, olive oil is also one of the best foods to reduce blood pressure.

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14. Pomegranates

Another of foods to reduce blood pressure is pomegranates. Like berries, this fruit also contains an amazing amount of essential nutrients and other beneficial compounds. Pomegranate is tasty and healthy as well. A glass of its juice could be a good support for high blood pressure people. You are supposed to drink pomegranate juice every day and maintain for a month to help reduce blood pressure. It is healthier if you can get the juice from fresh fruits rather than buy it in stores. But it would be fine if you feel lazy and want store-bought juice. By the way, please check the level of sugar added to your pomegranate juice; because sugar may negate the benefits, actually.

15. Garlic

foods to reduce blood pressure

It would be a mistake if we skip talking about garlic in terms of foods to reduce blood pressure. Frankly, garlic has a lot of health benefits and reducing hypertension is not an exception at all. Garlic can help to promote the widening of arteries by providing a higher amount of NO. In turn, it reduces blood pressure. So, regularly eating garlic will help high blood pressure patients to manage their condition well.

16. Pistachios

Do you like pistachios? These tasty small nuts bring you many health benefits that you may not know at all. In fact, it contributes to reducing blood pressure by decreasing peripheral vascular resistance and heart rate as well. Why don’t you start adding these tiny nuts to your daily diet?

17. Pink Grapefruits

As an excellent source of vitamin C and lycopene, pink grapefruit is also part of foods to reduce blood pressure. As mentioned above, vitamin C is an essential and healthy element should be more added to high blood pressure diet. Additionally, a significant source of lycopene also makes pink grapefruit more beneficial for patients. According to a study published in Neurology, the highest amount of lycopene present in their blood reduced 55 percent of getting a stroke. Hence, we would like to recommend you pink grapefruit as a healthy food for your daily diet. Starting your new day with a round of this fruit could not be a bad suggestion at all.

18. Flaxseed

Have you heard about health benefits of flaxseed? If yes, you might perceive that flaxseed could be another of foods to reduce blood pressure.

Regarding its nutrition content, flaxseed is known as an excellent source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, this type of seed can help decrease inflammation throughout your body and enhance the heart health and circulatory system. In particular, researchers from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences have shown that an inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet could result in a significant decrease in diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Therefore, you should look for some high omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseed or salmon to add to your regular diet.

19. Tomatoes

Hey girls, I’m sure that you know how advantageous tomatoes are for our health and beauty. With various such benefits, tomatoes are also added to the list of foods to reduce blood pressure, actually. Like pink grapefruits, tomatoes are another natural source of vitamin C and lycopene that is helpful for managing blood pressure. Besides, they provide you a significant concentration of quercetin as well.

However, to be served with most benefits, you should not have ketchup or bottled source. Instead, fresh tomatoes could be the best option because the combination of salt and sugar in many recipes can decrease the benefits and boost the blood sugar level, inversely.

20. Lima Beans

To complete the list of best foods to reduce blood pressure, we would like to show you the benefits of lima beans. According to scientists, adding lima beans to high blood pressure diet can help to manage the condition better. Lima beans might keep your blood pressure under the healthy range. Likewise, sugary or salty lima beans are not recommended so that you should stop eating or reduce the portion gradually if you don’t want to see your blood pressure increase.

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All in all, we have introduced to you top 20 most used foods to reduce blood pressure fast. We hope that you can have an abundant list to create your own menu. Enjoy the healthy diet and share with your friends to let them know how to manage the blood pressure well. For more information, you can visit our main page Health.

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