Top 22 Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries

Strawberries are super fruits, loads of vitamin C and bursting with powerful anti-oxidants that will give the skin with essential nutrients for beautiful and healthy skin. They are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, magnesium, calcium, folic acid, potassium, folate, phosphorus, and dietary fiber. They are also sodium, cholesterol and fat free. They are also rich in salicylic acid and flavonoids, which offer many beauty benefits. In order to know more beauty benefits of strawberries, continue reading this post at Beauty Talk please.

Top 22 Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries You Need To Know

1. Tone The Skin

beauty benefits of strawberries

You can use strawberries for toning the skin instead of choosing for the OTC toning products packed with chemicals. As mentioned above, strawberries come with the antioxidants that give them their awesome toning properties. Plus, the presence of manganese in strawberries helps tone your skin, keeping it radiant and healthy. The combination of strawberries and rose water is an excellent remedy to help tone the skin. Rose water works as a great cleanser and contains anti-inflammatory properties helping reduce skin irritation. How to tone the skin with strawberries? The method is:


  • 4 to 5 raw strawberries
  • 100 ml of cold rose water


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  • First, grind strawberries to extract the juice and add a few tbsp of this juice to the rose water.
  • Immerse a cotton ball into this mixture and then apply it to the face and neck.
  • Repeat this method every night before you go to bed. Do not use the toner with your night cream for best results.

2. Beauty Benefits of Strawberries – Excellent Facial Cleanser

beauty benefits of strawberries

Strawberry as an excellent facial cleanser gets deep into the pores and helps remove dead, old, skin cells as well.

Besides, strawberries have the antioxidants, which help purify and cleanse the skin. It also aids in the lightening of discoloration and age spots. Also, strawberry seeds work as a great exfoliant because they’re gentle enough to remove dead skin cells without forming tears in your skin. The method is:

  • At first, take a strawberry and squeeze its juice into 1 small bowl. Then, add a tsp of warm water and leave it to sit for fifteen minutes.
  • After that, immerse a cotton ball into this mixture and apply to trouble areas such as acne and dark spots.
  • After ten minutes, rinse with warm water.

3. Strawberries Help Slow Aging

beauty benefits of strawberries

Reducing aging is one of the best beauty benefits of strawberries. Strawberries help delay the aging process because they are full of vitamin C as well as other antioxidants. They help to prevent damage to the body and skin caused due to free radicals. Further, strawberries contain the lycopene that helps combat skin aging signs. Last but not least, strawberries contain the anthocyanins that protect your skin from oxidative stress, thus slowing down aging.

You can use strawberries to reduce aging as follow:

  • All you need to do is make an anti-aging facial mask by mixing mashed strawberries (½ cup), honey (1 teaspoon) and milk cream (2 teaspoons) thoroughly.
  • Later apply all over your neck and face with this paste. After about 20 to 25 minutes, use cool water to wash it off and pat dry.
  • This face mask should be used once a week.

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4. Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries – Treat Acne

beauty benefits of strawberries

Treating acne is also one of the amazing beauty benefits of strawberries. They come with the acidic nature that helps get rid of excess sebum causing acne. Toxins are a known reason for pimples and acne and fiber present in strawberries helps remove harmful toxins from your body. Eat strawberries and also apply the following face mask. Here is a simple way to use this fruit for curing acne:

  • Mash about 5-6 ripe strawberries and mix in 1 tbsp of low-fat or sour cream, unsweetened yogurt to create a smooth paste.
  • Then, apply this paste to your face and after 10 minutes, rinse it off with the help of cool water.
  • In order to prevent pimples and acne, repeat this remedy two times a week.

5. Strawberries Help Improve Skin Complexion

beauty benefits of strawberries

One of the best beauty benefits of strawberries is improving skin complexion. They can help brighten up dull skin and improve your complexion. They help lighten scars and reduce skin spots because they consist of skin-lightening properties and ellagic acid. In addition, strawberries contain the antioxidants, which protect the skin from harmful UV sunrays. Moreover, they come with vitamin B complex, carotene, glucose, and amino acids, which help to improve the complexion. The method is:

  • Simply take a strawberry and cut it in half. Then, rub its inner flesh over the face, neck, hands as well as other exposed skin.
  • Let the juice remain on the skin for around 10-15 minutes and finally, rinse it off using cool water.
  • Repeat every other day or daily to obtain a glowing complexion.

6. Strawberries Help Decrease Under-Eye Puffiness

beauty benefits of strawberries

When looking for beauty benefits of strawberries, reducing under-eye puffiness is also one of the best its advantages you should know. This fruit comes with the astringent property that helps reduce swelling and puffiness. Strawberries also have natural compounds that act as an anti-inflammatory to remove under-eye puffiness. The method is:

  • Take about 1-2 large strawberries and later chill them in the refrigerator for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then, cut them into many thick slices.
  • Presently, lie down and put these cool slices over the eyes. Remove the slices after 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, wash your face with the help of cold water and repeat as needed.

7.  Beauty Benefits of Strawberries – Lighten Dark Lips

beauty benefits of strawberries

One of the greatest beauty benefits of strawberries is lightening dark lips. Strawberries can help deal with dark lips because they contain vital vitamins and minerals. In addition, they can exfoliate your dead skin cells making your lips appear dull and dark. Furthermore, their hydrating nature helps plump and liven up your lips. Here are two simple recipes to use this wonderful fruit for treating dark lips:

Recipe 1:

  • Mash up a strawberry at first and gently rub its flesh on the lips for a few minutes.
  • Let the juice settle for 5 minutes and then rinse it off using lukewarm water. This way should be repeated a couple of times a week.

Recipe 2:

  • Make a mixture by mixing strawberry juice (1 tablespoon) and petroleum jelly (2 tablespoons).
  • Store the mixture in your refrigerator and then use it for 2 or 3 times daily as a lip balm.

8. An Effective Foot Scrub

beauty benefits of strawberries

Strawberries can be used as an effective foot scrub because they consist of the mild abrasive properties that help exfoliate the skin. For making this scrub, follow the steps below:

  • 6 to 8 ripe strawberries
  • A few drops of glycerin
  • 1 tablespoon of ground oats
  • Mash the strawberries thoroughly at first and add the glycerin and ground oats to this. Later mix well and soak the feet in warm water for ten minutes.
  • Then, gently scrub your feet with the mixture (this helps exfoliate the rough skin and dead skin cells). Finally, wash your feet by using cold water.

9. Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries – Exfoliate Skin

beauty benefits of strawberries

Strawberries act as a natural exfoliant and help repair, nourish all skin types. They help get rid of excess sebum, dead skin cells as well as other impurities from your skin thanks to their salicylic acid and vitamin C content. The method is:

  • Simply mash a few ripe strawberries to make a paste and mix in 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Gently massage the paste with circular motions onto your body. Wait for fifteen minutes prior to taking a bath.
  • This remedy should be followed once or twice per week.

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10. Reduce Sagging Skin With Strawberries

As we know, strawberries are full of vitamin C, an antioxidant boosting production of collagen fibers. Plus, they comprise of astringent agents that help cope with sagging skin. This helps keep your skin firm, smooth, and prevents skin sagginess as well. Hence, reducing sagging skin is also one of the top beauty benefits of strawberries. The method is:

  • Firstly, mash two to three ripe strawberries into a puree and mix this puree with 2 teaspoons each of honey and plain yogurt.
  • Apply on your neck and face with the paste and let it settle for 5 to 10 minutes. Lastly, rinse it off using lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this simple way once daily for a few weeks.

12. Strawberry Face Mask For Skin Brightening

beauty benefits of strawberries

Strawberries contain salicylic acid and hence this fruit removes clears out the blemishes and the dead cells.  The lime juice in this face mask naturally lightens the skin while olive oil prevents the skin from moisture loss. This strawberry face mask brightens the complexion and eliminates spots in few weeks as used twice a week. Follow step by step instructions below:

  • Mash three strawberries at first and to it add few drops of olive oil and lime juice. Later blend this combination until smooth.
  • Remember to use fresh water together with a mild cleanser to cleanse your face before evenly spreading this mask over the facial skin and neck.
  • Take two cotton pads, dip them in rose water and then place above the eyes to refresh them. Relax for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wash off your face using clean and cold water after 15-20 minutes.
  • Finally, pat dry and moisturize.

Note: If your skin is extreme oily, you can avoid this mask.

13. Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries – Fade Freckles

beauty benefits of strawberries

Fading freckles is also one of the best beauty benefits of strawberries. This wonderful fruit can help fade blemishes and freckles fast and naturally due to its vitamin C as well as other antioxidants. They also have bleaching properties. They also help nourish the skin, fight free radicals, and maintain it properly hydrated. So, how to fade freckles with the help of strawberries? Follow the recipe below:

  • Make a paste by mashing 2 large ripe strawberries and mix in half tablespoon of honey.
  • Afterwards apply the paste on the problem areas and rinse it off with the help of lukewarm water after five minutes.
  • Repeat this method once daily for a few weeks.

14. Make Teeth Whiter

beauty benefits of strawberries

One of the top beauty benefits of strawberries is helping whiten your teeth. They have malic acid that makes yellow teeth become pearly whites. In addition, due to their rich vitamin C content, they help break down plaque causing the teeth to appear yellow. Here are two simple but effective recipes to make teeth whiter with the help of strawberries you should follow:

Recipe 1:

  • Firstly, grind about one to two strawberries into a paste. Later rub for a few minutes on your teeth with this paste and lastly, rinse your mouth using warm water. Repeat this remedy twice daily for a couple of weeks.

Recipe 2:

  • Alternatively, simply rub 1/2 a strawberry forth and back all over your teeth. After one minute, rinse it off using warm water.
  • Follow this simple remedy two times daily for a few weeks.

15. Boost Healthy Nail Growth

beauty benefits of strawberries

Strawberries help build strong nails because they are rich in biotin. Biotin improves the keratin infrastructure, thus encouraging nail growth. In addition, they come with the folic acid and vitamin C, all of which assist in strong and healthy nail growth. It is suggested to include more strawberries in the diet if your nails are not strong.  Simply, eat a few ripe strawberries as a snack. Or, you can add them to your yogurt, salad or smoothies. In conclusion, boosting healthy nail growth is also one of the best beauty benefits of strawberries.

16. Beauty Benefits Of Strawberries – Repair Skin Tissues

Due to vitamin C in strawberries, consuming them on a daily basis helps repair our skin tissues. Vitamin C also aids in the collagen synthesis in the body. As we know, collagen is a vital protein that is needed for the skin as well as other parts of the body for development and growth. It also aids in the healing of wounds quickly. Besides, vitamin C is effective for repairing skin tissues and for guarding skin tissues against damage as well. It also fights against the free radicals of the body and stabilizes them.

17. Hair Fall Reduction

beauty benefits of strawberries

Today, most of us face a common problem that is hair fall and using strawberry can help treat this problem. As mentioned above, strawberries are high in vitamin C – an essential nutrient that promotes iron absorption and boosts hair growth. Plus, they are full of silica that is known to help in hair growth and prevent baldness as well. The method is:


  • 2 ripe strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • Mash the strawberries at first and mix them with honey, coconut oil to make a paste.
  • Then, apply this paste to your hair and scalp and keep it on for 20 minutes.
  • At last, wash off this paste with cold water. This process needs to repeat two times a week.

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18. Prevent Fungal Growth

beauty benefits of strawberries

One of beauty benefits of strawberries for hair is preventing fungal growth. Researchers show that the deficiency of magnesium can lead to fungal growth on your scalp and luckily, strawberries are packed with magnesium. In addition, the copper in strawberries helps to cure the fungal infection. Therefore, not surprisingly, they prevent fungal growth effectively. The method is:


  • 6-7 ripe strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • Blend three ingredients to make a puree and evenly apply this mixture to your hair and scalp.
  • Leave this mask on for about half an hour and then rinse by using warm water.
19. Fight Dandruff

beauty benefits of strawberries

Strawberries also play a great role in curing dandruff. As we know, strawberries are powerful sources of vitamin C, which can cure conditions like dandruff.

  • 3 to 4 ripe strawberries
  • Yolk of an egg
  • A few drops of extra virgin olive oil
  • Blend the strawberries well till you obtain a paste. Then, add the yolk of an egg together with extra virgin olive oil to this and mix three ingredients uniformly.
  • Presently, apply this solution to your hair and let it undisturbed for around 15 minutes. Finally, wash with a shampoo.
  • Repeat this remedy thrice a week for best results.
20. Keep The Hair Moisturized

Strawberries can keep the hair properly moisturized and provide nourishment to them. Strawberries contain the antioxidants that protect the cell membranes of the scalp from the hydrophobic layer formation. In order to keep your hair moisturized, you need to mash some strawberries and to it add the egg yolk. Then, mix them together and apply this mixture on your scalp. After a few minutes, rinse off with water.

21. Make The Hair Shiny And Silky

beauty benefits of strawberries

Making the hair soft and shiny is also one of the top beauty benefits of strawberries. For this purpose, take about 8 ripe strawberries and mash them well. Add 1 tbsp of mayonnaise in it and mix them together to create a smooth paste. After this, apply the paste all over both your scalp and hair, and cover it using a shower. Rinse off the hair and shampoo them after 15-20 minutes. This way will help make the hair shiny and silky, and give nourishment to them as well.

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22. Use As Scalp Exfoliator

Basically, strawberry is a good exfoliating agent and as a result, it’s very effective for fading dead skin cells from the skin and scalp as well. To use this fruit for hair exfoliator, you need to make a mixture of strawberry and orange juice or yogurt together and later apply it on the scalp. This way will aid in proper exfoliation of the hair follicles and will give many advantages like getting rid of dead skin cells, treating acne, blemishes and whitehead that can occur on your scalp, provides instant relief from itchy scalp, prevents hair loss, and promotes hair growth as well.

You can visit our main Foods For Beauty page to see more our useful articles. Now you know how helpful strawberries can be, ensure to include this wonderful fruit in your regular diet and try out the methods given above for healthy hair and skin.  For any question, please leave in the box below.



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