Top 30 Ways On How To Remove Acne Scars From Face Naturally

A common skin problem that many young guys and girls face during the adolescence, early 20s and teenage, is acne scars. Acne scars are the scars, which severe painful and inflammatory acne leave behind. Some people who pop or squeeze their zits may also get acne scars owing to the wound. There are many kinds of topical creams and medications available to remove acne scars. But, in this post, we, Beauty Talk, will take the natural route. We are presenting a few of the best ways on how to remove acne scars from face naturally and effectively. These tips and natural remedies will give you long-lasting and safe treatment to eliminate acne scars. Keep reading the whole post in the line of Skin Care on our site to understand more.

Top 30 Ways How To Remove Acne Scars From Face Naturally That Work Well

1. Drink Water

High and fine literature is wine, and mine is only water; but everybody likes water – Mark Twain.”

Drinking water is a very simple and effective way to remove acne scars naturally. As we know, water is not only helpful for the health but also effective for the beauty. It helps to rid our body of all the harmful toxins.  Together with all other body areas, drinking enough water will make sure that your skin remains toxin free and hydrated. As a result, you will have a good looking blemish free skin.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight

how to remove acne scars

Generally speaking, sunlight is not good for the skin and particularly the acne scars. The sun’s UV rays tend to make the acne scars darker and deeper, so it becomes difficult to cure them. So, while going out, remember to carry a hat or an umbrella. You should apply sunscreen too. These preventive measures will heal your skin faster and inhibit the outbreak of acne as well.

3. Collagen Rebuilding Foods

Basically, collagen is a building block of the skin along with elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen together with keratin helps to provide the skin elasticity, strength, smoothness, and resilience as well. It also helps to heal the acne scars faster. So, to increase the levels of collagen in the skin, you can consume some certain foods. You should choose some proper foods for healthy skin as follow:

  • Leafy green vegetables, including spinach, kale and kale consist of a good quantity of Vitamin C and an antioxidant called lutein as well. Adding these greens to your regular diet will enhance your capacity to produce collagen, which will keep the skin healthy.
  • Soy products such as soy cheese and soy milk contain genistein that helps to block the enzymes that age and damage the skin.
  • Red fruits and vegetables such as chili peppers, red peppers, carrots and tomatoes comprise lycopene that can work as the natural sunscreen of your skin and guard it against sun damage.
  • Beans are high in hyaluronic acid, which contains anti-aging properties. You can include butter or broad beans in your diet.

4. Consume Foods Rich In Zinc

Generally, zinc helps to repair the structure of cell membranes and proteins too. This helps to heal wounds, protect against UV radiation and reduce inflammation. If you are suffering from serious inflammatory acne, you need to take zinc supplements. Organ meats such as kidney, liver; red meat such as beef and lamb; and sea foods such as oysters, shellfish and scallops are high in dietary sources of zinc.

5. How To Remove Acne Scars With Vitamin A


Vitamin A also has a lot of benefits for skin care. It helps to promote cell generation in your skin and inhibit the formation of comedones, which cause acne. In addition, it makes the skin smooth and aids in healing skin conditions such as wounds, acnes, scars and sunburn quickly. Some certain foods such as liver, kidney, cod liver oil, dairy cream and butter, chicken and eggs are also rich in vitamin A.

6. Foods High In Vitamin C

Eating foods high in vitamin C is also one of the easiest ways on how to remove acne scars naturally. Vitamin C helps to heal skin wounds and build strong scar tissues as well. In addition, it protects the skin against sun damage and prevents water loss too. Foods such as bell peppers, broccoli, thyme, dark leafy green vegetables, basil, parsley, Brussels sprouts, cilantro, and citrus fruits such as oranges, lime, pineapple along with kiwis and strawberries are best sources of this vitamin.

7. How To Remove Acne Scars With Lemon Juice

You can remove acne scars easily with the help of lemon juice. Lemon works as a natural dye and eliminates the dim acne scars and flaws by lighting them. Lemon juice is also a natural bleaching property and astringent. Further, it is a packed with vitamin C and helps to regenerate the collagen in the skin that can promote the skin’s overall elasticity and decrease the appearance of scars as well. Last but not least, it fades dark spots. Below are some simple ways on how to remove acne scars with the help of lemon:

Method 1:

Take a fresh lemon and squeeze it to collect its juice. Use a cotton ball to apply the juice straight to your scars. Lemon will make a good skin cleanser. Follow it four times per week for good results.

Method 2:

For sensitive skin, mix lemon juice (1 tablespoon) with some cucumber juice. Then, apply this mixture on your scars. The cucumber juice will help to soothe your wounds while lemon juice heals the skin.

Method 3:

Alternatively, you can mix 1 teaspoon each of honey, almond oil and lemon juice with 2 teaspoons of milk to make a mask. Then, apply this face mask on the skin and rinse the mask off with water after a few minutes.

Method 4:

You can also mix lemon juice (1 teaspoon) with vitamin E oil (2 teaspoons). Then, apply the mixture on your scars. Vitamin E is packed with anti-oxidants. Plus, it’s a good emollient that helps to moisturize and enhance the overall texture of the skin.

8. Tomatoes For Acne Scars Removal


Tomatoes are full of Vitamin A and help to heal the acne scars quickly. In addition, it’s higher in astringent agents and useful to remove acne scars naturally. Further, it cleans the skin and tones it as well. Below is a way on how to remove acne scars with tomatoes:

Method 1:

Take a ripe tomato at first and cut them into thin slices. Rub the slices on your face and wait for a few minutes. Alternatively, take a tomato and later grind it in 1 blender. Then, strain the juice and immerse a cotton ball in this juice. Now with a cotton ball, apply the juice on your face. Regular use will give you with a lighter looking skin.

Method 2:

Alternatively, take 2-3 tomatoes and later peel off the skin. Then, cut them into pieces and blend with 1 tbsp of curd and 1 tbsp of wild turmeric powder in a mixer. Apply the mixture all over the face with the help of your fingers or a face pack brush. Let it dry for a good fifteen to twenty minutes and finally, rinse it off by using cold water. Pat dry the skin and you will see instant results. Apply this paste on a daily basis.

9. Using Egg Whites

Using egg whites is another ideal answer to the query on how to remove acne scar naturally. Eggs are a powerful source of protein. Egg whites help to rebuild the collagen because collagen is a protein. They also boost the healing of the acne scars.

Method 1:

Take an egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. Then, whisk the egg white and apply it to your acne scars. Keep it overnight to heal the skin and the next morning, wash it off.

Method 2:

Alternatively, whisk the whites of an egg until fluffy and later add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to this. Mix well and apply this mixture to your skin. Finally, rinse it off after ten to fifteen minutes.

10. How to Remove Acne Scars With Honey


Another effective way on how to remove acne scars naturally is using honey. It reduces redness and inflammation of your pimples. Plus, it’s a natural antibiotic and can help heal bacterial infection of the pimples. Furthermore, it aids in fading away dark spots. Below are a few simple ways on how to remove acne scars naturally and fast with honey:

Method 1:

Simply, apply the honey directly on your scars and keep it overnight to heal the skin. The next morning, wash it off.

Method 2:

You can also mix honey (1 tablespoon) with cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon). Later apply this mixture on your scars and leave for 60 minutes to heal them. Wash it off using cool water afterward.

Method 3:

You can take 2 tablespoons of honey and add half a teaspoon of turmeric, several drops of rose water, and 2 tablespoons of milk to it. Then, mix all of the things together well and apply it on your scars. Keep it on for around 15 minutes and lastly, rinse it off with the help of cool water.

11. Aloe Vera For Acne Scars Removal

Aloe vera gel helps to heal acne scars because it contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. The polysaccharides and nutrients in the gel help to heal your skin deeply and lower inflammation caused due to acne. Below are two methods on how to remove acne scars naturally with aloe vera:

Method 1:

Take one aloe vera leaf, cut it and squeeze out to gain its gel. Later apply directly on the acne scars. Repeat this process every day for best results.

Method 2:

You can also combine aloe vera gel (1 teaspoon) with organic turmeric powder (a pinch). Then, apply this mixture to your acne scars and after 10 minutes, wash thoroughly.

12. Using Tea Tree Oil For Acne Scars

Tea tree oil is a tested and tried remedy for acne scars. The oil has anti-bacterial qualities and helps to prevent the spread of bacteria causing acne. It also helps to remove acne scars when used regularly. How to remove acne scars with tea tree oil? Below are a couple of methods you should follow:

Method 1:

Mix undiluted tea tree oil (2 drops) in aloe vera gel (1 teaspoon) and apply this solution to your acne & acne scars. Wait for 20 minutes before rinsing it with cool water.

Method 2:

Alternatively, add undiluted tea tree oil (2 drops) to raw organic honey (1 teaspoon). Leave it on for about 20 minutes and after that, rinse it by using cool water.

Method 3:

Another option is to add undiluted tea tree oil (3-4 drops) to plain yogurt (2 tablespoons). Mix well and later apply as a face mask all over the skin. Rinse by using warm water after twenty minutes.

13. Fenugreek Seeds For Acne Scars Removal


Fenugreek seeds have a long history of useful utilization for mending and easing aggravation as well. Plus, it comprises powerful anti-oxidants that provide huge profits in dealing with skin issues. So, how to remove acne scars with fenugreek seeds? Follow the guides below:


Firstly, you need to prepare 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, a pan and water. Next, take a pan over medium heat. Later add two cups of water and two tbsp of fenugreek seeds. Leave them to boil for several minutes and grind them into glue. Then, store this glue in one cool area or in the refrigerator. After that, apply a small portion of the glue on your scars. Wait for 15 minutes and wash your skin by using warm water.

14. Sandalwood And Rosewater For Acne Scars

The combination of sandalwood and rose water is also an excellent way on how to remove acne scars naturally. Sandalwood paste cools your skin and reduces inflammation while rosewater destroys the bacteria responsible for acne and nourishes the skin.


Take 1 tablespoon of rosewater and 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Next, mix the two ingredients well and apply the mixture on your scars. Keep it on overnight and use cold water to wash it off next morning. Apply this paste and you will see the difference.

15. How To Remove Acne Scars With Mint

Because they contain anti-acne properties, mint leaves clean pores and dry up acne. In addition, mint has vitamin A that helps to curb the excessive oil causing acne. Besides, they keep the skin supple and soft. Here is a simple way on how to remove acne scars naturally with mint:


Take 1 handful of mint leaves and crush them. Next, use a muslin cloth to strain their juice. Then, apply this juice on your scarred area. Leave it to dry for some time and wash it off by using cold water. You can follow this method whenever you see acne popping out.

16. Using Potatoes

When seeking for the best ways on how to remove acne scars, you should not miss this amazing way. Potatoes come with bleaching properties, so they lighten and remove pimple marks too. For this purpose, you take a raw potato and cut it into slices. Then, rub a slice or apply its juice on the acne scars to get clear skin. Alternatively, you can grate one raw potato and rub its pulp on the face. Allow it to dry for some minutes and wash the juice off by using warm water. To prevent zits and pimples from erupting, follow this remedy for around 2 weeks.

17. Using Turmeric And Mint


As we know, turmeric consists of many health and beauty benefits. This combination of mint and turmeric helps to heal the skin fast and remove acne scars naturally because turmeric comprises antibacterial properties, and mint possesses healing properties.


You need to prepare 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and ½ tablespoon of mint juice. Combine turmeric powder with mint juice well, and apply the resulting paste on the acne scars. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and finally, wash with warm water. After that, apply this paste 2 times a week for desired results.

18. How To Remove Acne Scars By Using Olive Oil

Olive oil also aids in healing the skin because it is a miracle healer. Plus, it owns properties that help to fight against the bacteria responsible for pimples, while deep nourishing your skin to make it supple and soft.


Firstly, take around four drops of olive oil. Next, use lukewarm water to wash your face and towel dry. Then, massage some olive oil on your face. Keep it on for 2 hours and use a glycerin-based face wash to wash the face. It’s suggested to apply olive oil frequently to your face and attain glowing skin.

19. Baking Soda For Removing Acne Scars

Baking soda helps to eliminate stubborn acne scars. Plus, it’s good for exfoliation and aid in shedding damaged skin and boosting new skin growth. Furthermore, it lessens the irritation and redness caused due to acne owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.


All you need to do is combining baking soda (1 tablespoon) and water (a few drops) in a bowl. With the help of the fingers, massage this paste on your scars. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and wash the paste off by using cold water. You can apply this great paste whenever you see any scar or acne scar symptom.

20. Using Orange Peel


Orange peel helps in skin renewal because it is rich in retinol.  Retinol in orange peels helps to encourage natural exfoliation and rid your skin of the dead cells. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen and helps to repair and rebuild the elastic fibers. As a result, this fades acne scars.


The initial step is to prepare 1 teaspoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of dried orange peel. Make a thick paste by adding the milk to the dried orange peel. Thereafter, apply this thick paste on the face and rinse the paste off with cold water after fifteen minutes. You can apply this paste 2 times a week. Remember to leave a gap of at 2 days in between applications.

21. How To Remove Acne Scars With Gram Flour

Gram flour helps to remove the dead skin, so it’s good for dry skin. A mixture of gram flour with rosewater helps to get rid of scars and brighten skin too.


Initially, prepare 2 teaspoons of rosewater and 2 tablespoons of gram flour and mix them together in a bowl to create a paste. Later apply the paste on the face and leave it to dry naturally. Finally, take cold water to rinse it off. It’s recommended to apply this paste regularly on your face.

22. Cucumber Juice And Yogurt

Yogurt helps to fade dead cells and enhances regeneration of new cells of the skin while cucumber comprises natural ingredients that help to moisturize and soften the skin. So, how to remove acne scars quickly with the combination of cucumber juice and yogurt? Try the method below:


Initially, you take 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice and 1 tablespoon of yogurt and form a thick paste by mixing them well. Just apply this mixture on your scars and allow it to dry for fifteen minutes. Lastly, you need to take some cold water to rinse the paste off. For best results, apply this mask regularly.

23. Using Sandalwood

Sandalwood is also a great answer to the query on how to remove acne scars. Sandalwood works effectively in combating bacteria and fungi thanks to its antibacterial properties. In addition, it prevents the breakout of acne and pimples.


Initially, you need to prepare 2 tbsp of sandalwood powder, 1 tsp of rosewater and three drops of lemon juice. Next, combine all the things in a bowl to create a paste and apply the paste on the face. Wait for around fifteen minutes and rinse it off by using cold water. This face pack should be applied thrice a week.

Note: When used in excess, lemon juice can lead to irritation to your skin, so do a patch test before using it.

24. How To Remove Acne Scars With Papaya Juice


The best ways on how to remove acne scars naturally must include papaya juice. Papaya juice contains awesome healing properties. This fruit helps to remove dead skin cells and break down the inactive proteins since it’s a good source of papain and vitamin A.


For this purpose, you extract papaya juice and later apply the juice on the face. Allow it to dry for some time and use cold water to rinse it off. You should apply papaya juice frequently and you will get to notice the results soon.

25. Cinnamon For Acne Scars Removal

Cinnamon is also a good healing tool for pimples and acne both externally and internally. This spice fights zits and gives the skin a healthy glow since it has antimicrobial properties. Thus, how to remove acne scars with cinnamon? Try the method below:


Simply, make a paste of 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 1 teaspoon of honey in a bowl. Later apply on the scars with the paste and leave this paste overnight. In the morning, you wash with lukewarm water. This is an effective cure for acne as applied continuously for about two weeks.

26. Using Cucumber

Generally speaking, cucumbers are soothing, refreshing, and provide a cooling sensation to the skin. In addition, they comprise amazing natural benefits which aid in toning, reducing and calming puffiness under eye circles. Besides, they lighten scars effectively. Furthermore, they eliminate inflammation, and lighten acne scars and pigmentation with consistent use.


Take a large cucumber at first and next peel off the skin. Then, remove its seeds from the center and now cut them into pieces. In a mixer, blend the pieces with a few of fresh mint leaves and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. After that, strain the paste and keep it in a container. Slightly shake it and apply this solution all over your face using your fingers or a face pack brush. Let it dry for a gap of 15 and 20 minutes, and finally, rinse the paste off with water. Finally, pat dry the skin. Apply this mixture 2 times a week and leave a gap of 2 days in between applications.

27. How To Remove Acne Scars With Strawberries


The effective ways on how to remove acne scars naturally must include this way. Ripe strawberries work very well in lightening acne scars. Especially, fresh strawberries comprise the salicylic acid, which helps to fade all the debris and impurities from the skin. Plus, it brightens the complexion, thus making the scars appear less visible.


Prepare around 2 to 3 fresh strawberries and 1 tsp of curd. Then, mash the strawberries with your fingers or a fork. After that, add curd (1 tsp) and mix well. Presently apply it all over the face. Let it dry for a gap of 15 and 20 minutes and finally, rinse it off by using water. Pat dry the skin. This paste should be applied twice a week.

28. Using Curd

Curd works a mild bleaching agent since it is packed with lactic acid. The lactic acid is milder on your skin than citric acid. In addition, the natural curd contains the fat content that is a good moisturizer. It tightens the skin well and lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with age.


Simply, massage your skin with 1 tablespoon of curd for ten minutes in a circular motion. After that, rinse it off with the help of cold water. You can massage the curd on your face one time every day prior to washing your face. Massage on the face around 3 times per week if your skin is oily.

29. How To Remove Acne Scars With Tender Coconut Water

This is another way on how to remove acne scars quickly and naturally. Tender coconut water is good for your health and if applied topically, heals acne scars as well. It helps to eliminate dead skin and makes your skin soft and bright. As a result, it tends to boost up the healing of the scars. For this aim, you just need to consume one glass of coconut water daily and it’ll do wonders to the skin.

30. Tomato And Cucumber For Acne Scars


Cucumbers are filled with vitamins A, C, B1 and B2 while tomatoes are loaded with vitamins A and C, as well as sulfur. Both the ingredients are effective at eliminating impurities in the skin pores and aiding in regeneration. They also help to control oil secretion, tighten skin, and repair damaged skin as well.


Take 1 teaspoon each of tomato juice and cucumber juice. Then, mix them in a bowl and apply the resulting mixture on your face. Leave it on for around 30 minutes and rinse the face off with water. Use this paste three times a week and repair the damaged skin.


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Now, you have a great knowledge of tips and natural remedies, which can help you to remove acne scars naturally and quickly. So, try these methods and remember to share your thoughts with us.

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