Top 4 Foods That Cause Wrinkles

Regularly consuming some certain foods can cause facial wrinkles and wrinkles on other areas of the body. Nutrients and ingredients that cause cell damage and inflammation can deteriorate elastin and collagen, the two most vital elements for reducing or preventing wrinkles. Thus, limiting harmful food or eating a healthy diet can give you a youthful skin and whole improvement in health as well. Today, Beauty Talk will show you top 4 foods that cause wrinkles. You should restrict them if you want to have a wrinkle free skin. Read on and remember!

Top 4 Foods That Cause WrinklesYou Must To Know

1. High Sugar Content

foods that cause wrinkles

According to, people who frequently include foods containing a high sugar content in the diet have a duller, and more wrinkled skin than people who limit those types of food. This happens because of glycation, a body process involving the combination of sugar moving in the certain proteins and bloodstream. This combination will release a molecule that damages elastin and collagen, the two fibers responsible for keeping skin elastic and firm. The fiber becomes dry and brittle, causing wrinkles and sagging skin after they are damaged. An individual should restrict sugar in order to prevent wrinkles from foods containing high sugar.

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2. Alcohol

foods that cause wrinkles

Alcohol is one of the top foods that cause wrinkles because it creates inflammation of the skin.

When your liver metabolizes alcohol, it will create the toxic chemicals ketones and aldehydes, which inflame the skin and damage cells. A person should cease drinking alcohol a minimum of three hours prior to going to bed. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, alcohol raises the possibility of capillary leaks, causing the skin to bloat and sag. Thus, you should limit or avoid drinking alcohol to have a beautiful skin.

3. Milk And Cheese

foods that cause wrinkles

Both cheese and milk can clog up your body and cause constipation, eczema and acne. The culprit – casein found in these foods is a main causative factor as it comes to inflammation. You should avoid these foods and then find an alternative.  For example, nut milk makes a brilliant replacement.

4. Processed Foods

foods that cause wrinkles

The Reader’s Digest indicates processed foods are often stripped of nutrients, like antioxidants. Antioxidants give cells protection from the damage caused due to free radicals, molecules formed as the body processes food, causing wrinkles and damaging collagen. Limiting processed foods in favor of antioxidant-rich, fresh foods, such as vegetables and fruits, can prevent free radical damage.

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    1. Thomas

      I do not think that this is a fact. Milk is considered as one of the most healthy food that I consume every day. How can you make sure that milk and cheese can cause wrinkles?

      • Emily

        Dear Thomas,
        As far as you know, milk and cheese contain many culprit caseins, which can cause inflammation and then lead to the appearance of eczema and acne. When these skin problems come, they harm your skin very terribly. And when they disappear, they leave scars and make your skin look less beautiful. I do not totally deny the useful functions of milk but you, other people and I really should know how to use milk in a correct way. A very useful way is that you can choose nut milk instead of the others. Thanks a lot for your question! Hope that with these above cautions, you will get rid of the wrinkles quickly!

        Reply (in reply to Thomas)
    2. Alice

      Because I am very busy at work, I do not have enough time to prepare a full meal for my family. So processed food is our favorite choice. My children like it very much. However, after reading your article, I realize many bad effects of this type of food. I will try my best to get rid of this harmful food and prepare good meals for my family! Thanks a lot!

    3. Caroline Thomas

      Well done! I will pay attention to these foods and try to keep it away from our meal. Thanks a bunch for this useful information! Continue working!

    4. Cindy Brunson

      Processed food, I realize that it is the reason why there are many wrinkles on my face. Although I knew that it is not good for our health, I still consume it very often. The reason is that it is very convenient and I am so busy with my work. However, I have never thought that it can cause wrinkles. So, I will try my best to keep away from this toxic food from now on. Thank you very much!


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